Where is the ‘magical cup’ of Jesus Christ – the Holy Grail ?


There are many secrets related to many religions in the world which very few people know. There are sacred things about which the followers of that religion go crazy. In such a situation, today we are telling you a similar story which is very strange. You all must have seen a painting, which was made by the great Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. You must have seen that in this painting, Jesus Christ is shown eating food with his twelve missionaries and in this painting, a cup is seen along with the plate of food. For your information, let us tell you that that cup, according to the belief of Christianity, is the Holy Grail which is a magical cup, using which a person could become immortal.

Many stories and claims are associated with this cup. This chalice can be seen kept in almost all the ancient churches of the world and all claim it to be original.


The cup is present in this city

One of the many places claiming to be the real Holy Grail is the Spanish city of Valencia. It is noteworthy that Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. A very old church in Valencia is claimed to contain the Holy Grail. The name of this church is Valencia Cathedral. A cup kept here, which is called Santo Chalice in Spanish, has been claimed for centuries to be the Holy Grail, i.e. the cup that Lord Jesus used.

Where is the 'magical cup' of Jesus Christ - the Holy Grail ?

It has a religious significance

For devotees, the Holy Grail will have religious significance, but for researchers, it has more literary significance. The cathedral containing the chalice in Valencia, Spain is called ‘La Capilla del Santo Chalice’. Meaning Church of the Holy Grail. Here this cup is locked in a glass frame in a separate room.

The holy cup shown in the famous Hollywood series film Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail is made of wood. In such a situation, this cup studded with gold and gems raises questions in the mind. According to the people of the church, the small cup kept on this stand is the real Holy Grail. Its handle and base are examples of medieval craftsmanship, having been added to it some time ago.

Jesus used the cup at the Last Supper

Although there are many claims and stories about the Holy Grail, the actual Holy Grail remains a mystery. The stories related to this cup are more interesting than it. It is difficult to say whether anyone will ever find the real Holy Grail. But the search for it and the stories related to it will always continue.

According to the belief of Christianity, the Holy Grail is a magical cup, using which a person could become immortal. Many stories and claims are associated with this cup. The Holy Grail is the subject of many myths and legends, making it difficult for scholars to distinguish between fact and fiction. The word “Greel” probably comes from the Latin word gradel, which refers to a deep plate on which food was served at a medieval banquet. Over the years, the grill has been described as a dish, a ciborium, a cup, a plate, a cup and even a stone.

Where is the 'magical cup' of Jesus Christ - the Holy Grail ?

Relation to the Knights Templar

The Grail legend was revived a millennium later through works such as Merlin by Robert de Bourbon and Parsifal by Chrétien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach. All were identified as poets and troublemakers. But they told a story full of details and mysteries that endure to this day as the story slowly unfolds.

These poets wrote about famous legendary knights like King Arthur and his Round Table companions. In legend, the quest for the Holy Grail is often portrayed as a spiritual and initiation journey. And in this knights must overcome various trials and challenges to prove their purity of heart and worthiness.

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