Do Aliens Exist ? – Mystery of the Universe


Are there aliens? It is a question that probably arose with the origin of the universe itself. As old as this question is, as old as the searches of scientists, but till date the answer to this question has not been found. However, scientists have definitely found indications that there is life on other planets beyond Earth.

Universe is infinite

American astronaut and author Carl Sagan wrote that the universe is so big, it is infinite. If we are the only one in this universe then it is a waste. The search for life on other planets has been a very challenging task for science and it may be that scientists from other planets do the same thing. In such a situation, it is not surprising that if they come to earth through someone or not. We have also reached the moon, the planet Mars. We have sent a vehicle to Saturn also. Now no one will dare to sit in those vehicles and go.

What are actually aliens ?

Our earth is not even equal to a grain of sand in this universe. There are crores of planets many times bigger than this earth in our universe. The biggest thing is that there are millions of galaxies in this universe of ours. The Galaxy is called ‘Tara mandal’ and our Milky Way galaxy is called ‘Aakash ganga’ in hindi. There are millions of planets like Earth in our Galaxy itself, then definitely there will be life on some of them. There too, human beings and animals and birds would be the same creatures. It may be that some of them are weaker than our thinking and some are many times more intelligent than the human race and are rich in technology. Such people are called ‘aliens’. The meaning of ‘Alien’ is-an alien or a resident of another planet.


They came on earth very early

Years of scientific research revealed that aliens landed on Earth 10,000 BC and they took the first human tribe and killed the chieftains. He did not give knowledge and then later he made the kings his messengers. They belong to different tradition-society in different times. After creating, the deities of the earth or should we say that the angels sat down. Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Inca, Baby Lion, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjo Daro and other civilizations all over the world have been instrumental in their growth. It was they who made China, India, Egypt, Israel, America
And in Rashi Yaya, such monuments, places of worship, or wonders have been built, which cannot be built by a human being.

They made Giza pyramids and other monuments

According to the report of the History Channel, the book by the famous author Eric Vaughn and Danny Kane, who researches the monuments of ancient civilizations ‘Chariots of Gods’ has changed the thinking of the world. According to him, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt went to Egypt
There was no technique to make pyramids. The Egyptians had neither the tools nor the tools to build the pyramids at Giza. It cannot be made even with today’s modern technology.

Orayan and Alien

After many years of research, scientists came to know that ‘Orayan’ is such a constellation that could have a deep connection with our earth. Mythological stories and stone carvings of Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Maya, Greek, and Inca civilizations proves this. The ignorance about this ‘constellation’ is surprisingly uniform. Scientists believe that our forefathers or should we say the ones who guide us came from ‘Ora Yan’ Nakshatra. In India, Orayan Nakshatra is called Kalapurush Nakshatra, which is similar to Mrigashi Ra.

Evidence in caves

In a cave in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district, 10,000 years old rock paintings have been found. This discovery by NASA and Indian Archeology has confirmed the existence of aliens in India. The rock paintings found here clearly depict a flying saucer, as well as the picture of the aliens coming out of the saucer can also be seen, which is giving directions to the common man with a strange stick.
This alien is also wearing something like a helmet on his head, to which some antenna are attached.

Text in other civilizations

In taxa of civilizations like Egypt, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Inca, Babylonian, Indus Valley, Maya, Mohenjo Daro, and all over the world It is written that soon Gehma Re ‘Akashadev’ will return and again he will be the head of the earth. The people of the Egyptian and Maya civilizations believed
That our progenitors from space will return at a certain time. Osa Ishi Ra (Egyptian God) will soon return to take them and that why the people of Gija used to mummify themselves after death.
Will ‘Akashdev’ take them to space and make them alive again ?

They live Secretly

Scientists from all over the world believe that people from other planets live secretly in some places on the Earth. one of those places is the Himalayas and the second is sea tunnels and caves and the third place can be those forests, where man never goes. Astronomers have now concluded that aliens exist on planets other than Earth.

Survey results

Planetary beings are probably watching the use of advanced technologies by humans on Earth. According to a survey, 20 percent of people in the world believe that aliens roam among us disguised as humans. Reuters conducted a survey in which questions were asked to 23 thousand people from 22 countries. In India and China, more than 40 percent of the population believed that aliens roam the earth in the guise of humans. On the other hand, most people in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Belgium do not believe so. Only 8 percent of the people there believe in the presence of aliens. 80 percent of the people who took part in the survey confirmed.

Aliens as Nephilim

It is true that today’s modern science has not called them aliens, but in the Bible, they have been called ‘Nephilim’ who were thrown out of heaven. These were the children of angels. God made the angels live in heaven. What was it made for, not to live on earth, but they all came to earth. On earth, they are attracted to us. They engaged and then they started living with their favorite women. Then they also had children and gradually they established their kingdom on earth. Did it spread or not? Some calls them either angels or demons. In this way a new kind of era started on the earth and new
This kind of conflict also started increasing and it became a state of aliens everywhere. People started complaining about the purity of blood. Still a mystery.

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