Benefits of Reading Hanuman Chalisa Everyday


Benefits of Reading Hanuman Chalisa Everyday

Who is Hanumanji?

Hanuman Ji Maharaj is the great Rudra Avatar. Hanuman Ji is consider as the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva. In order to express his love and bhakti for Sri Rama, Lord Shiva took the great form of the bhakta Hanumanji Maharaj. He established the greatness of bhakti over all other forms of sadhana. He is the very definition of devotional service. Any form of devotion finds meaning only if the service is offer to the object of devotion.

Hanumanji bhakti towards Sri Rama

Hanumanji Maharaj expressed his bhakti towards Sri Rama through Seva or devotional service. He carried out the orders of Lord Rama and crossed the ocean to locate Srimati Sita Devi.
Mother Sita devi accepted Hanumanji as her eldest son. Even today, In Ayodhya Hanumanji is worship as the eldest son of Sri Rama and Sita Devi. Such was the love that mother Sita had for him.

How to experience Hanumanji Power?

In order to experience the power of Hanumanji and to experience the power of bhakti in one’s life one celebrates Hanuman Janmoysav. One Should remembers Lord Shiva in the form of Hanumanji on this day.
In this article we will reveal the greatest secret that can help you to withdraw the full grace of Hanumanji.


Power of Hanumanji Bhakti

The power of bhakti will get manifest in one’s life as one accepts Hanumanji Maharaja as one’s guide and guru. He represents the guru tattva or the aspect of the guiding force in one’s life.

In today’s world greed, selfishness and self-centeredness is most prevalent. Under these circumstances it becomes important that we invoke the inner guide who can lead us through the darkness of material life where people are driven by greed and fear. Hanumanji Maharaj is the Guru. He is available for guidance at all times if only we care to connect with him through faith and surrender.

Effect of Mantras

It is a well-known fact that when we invoke the deity through specific mantras with faith and bhakti, the deity starts operating in our life, leading our way.
If we want to invoke the power of Hanumanji Maharaj into our lives and want to be guided by him, Then The the Hanuman Chalisa proves to be the most powerful mantra, It invokes Hanumanji maharaja’s blessings into our lives. Therefore, He is the ideal guide who can get us out of all problems be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Who composed Hanuman Chalisa?

There is a popular story that when Goswami Tulsidas did not agree to visit the Mughal Emperor. He was jailed by the mughal King. It was during this time that Goswami Tulsidas composed the hanuman chalisa and recited it. Soon the entire city was attacked by ferocious monkeys which released Goswami Tulsidas from jail. This story is an indication that every chanter of Hanuman Chalisa will be bless with the company of Lord Hanumanji at all times.

Benefits of Reading Hanuman Chalisa Everyday

There are many benefits of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily.

  • Reading Hanuman Chalisa with faith once every day is a powerful means to ward of all Ill-Luck. Hanumanji Maharaja is the controller of all planetary movements. Hence, if we regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa, all planetary related problems and the malefic effects of the planets is completely uprooted from our lives.
  • Chanting Hanuman Chalisa 21 times every day is one of the most powerful forms of Sadhana. When one takes up this practice one should avoid non-vegetarian food along with garlic and onions.
    If one is consistent with this practice, intelligence will sharpened and one becomes free of all mental worries and tensions.
  • Chanting Hanuman Chalisa shall increase one’s internal energy. One’s power to perform work increases and yields positive results. The more one chant Hanuman Chalisa one shall grow in spiritual strength and as a result one will be able to take decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Praying to Hanumanji Maharaj is one of the most powerful techniques of spiritual growth. If one is able to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily within a year, then as a result all problems related to health and money shall be removed easily.
  • Reciting hanuman chalisa increases the power of Brahmacharya which bestows the practitioner with immense potency, Not only one can transform oneself but can also transform others.
  • Chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly shall put an end to negativity of all types and as a result one shall gain physical power and vigor to perform activities with greater effciency and effectiveness.
  • Chanting Hanuman Chalisa shall put an end to bad dreams and remove future karma very easily.
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