World’s most precious stone ‘Kohinoor’ is a cursed diamond


Kohinoor diamond is considered cursed. Actually, it belongs to an article of 1306 where Kohinoor was mentioned for the first time. It is believed that only a woman can wear Kohinoor, but if it goes to a man then he faces many problems and luck gets angry with him. No one knows who gave this curse and why it is said so.

When it comes to Kohinoor, everyone’s ears perk up, maybe in your eyes it may be a rare diamond but the secret behind this rare diamond is as bitter and poisonous. Kohinoor, whose name marks the beginning of wealth, once became the cause of the death of a king and the destruction of his family.

Origin of Kohinoor

History is witness that this diamond first came in 1294, it was found in the mine of Golconda located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, along with it two more diamonds were found which were named Daryai Noor and Noor-un-Ain. . Among the diamonds found, Kohinoor became the most famous, but as time passed, this diamond started being counted as a cursed diamond.

Curse and a symbol of destruction

It is really shocking that the Kohinoor diamond was considered a curse and a symbol of destruction. It was first found with a king of Gwalior, although the name of the king has not been revealed yet. In 1306, a person had predicted about Kohinoor that the one who wears it will rule but along with it his bad times will also begin.

World's most precious stone 'Kohinoor' is a cursed diamond

Famous prophecy

Initially this famous prophecy was not accepted but the increasing news of the events made this prophecy famous. In 1594, Shah Jahan got this diamond engraved in his Taj Peacock Throne, the consequences of which his wife Mumtaz had to suffer, she died, after which his son Aurangzeb put him under house arrest and took all the power in his hands.

In 1739, when Nadir Shah fought a war with the Mughals, the Mughal Empire was defeated and Nadir Shah took Kohinoor to Persia. The name Kohinoor was given by none other than Nadir Shah, before getting the name it was known by many names. Kohinoor gradually started showing its influence after Nadir Shah died in 1747.

From India to other Countries

After the death of Nadir Shah, this diamond went to the Emperor of Afghanistan, Ahmed Shah Durrani and after him to his descendant Shah Shuja Durrani, but due to the influence of Kohinoor, his empire also ended and to save his life, Shah Shuja Durrani gave the diamond to Ranjit Singh. Gave it to.

After the British occupied India, the British captured this diamond in 1858 and the Sikh Empire lost its control over Kohinoor. After India gained independence in 1947, this diamond reached Queen Eliza Beth of England. The Queen made a will that only a woman could wear it, but due to the influence of the Kohinoor diamond, the British Empire also ended.

Then, to avoid the influence of this diamond, the people of England made it a part of history and displayed it for tourists in the London Museum, which today every person likes to go and see.

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