Why Gunja is famous in Tantra Shastra ?


Gunja is the seed that comes out of the vines of the bush, which is called Gunja, Ratti, and Chirmi. The weight of each ganja is one ratti. By the way, Gunja is available in many colors like Red Gunja, Black Gunja, Red-Black Gunja, White Gunja, and Green Gunja, out of which four colored Gunja seeds are considered special and have many uses and benefits. Like red echo is related to planets Mars and Sun, black echo is related to planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, white echo is related to planets Moon and Venus, and red-black echo is related to planets Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Sun. Gunjaratti helps the person wearing it in moving towards progress by destroying the bad effects of those particular planets.

Method of Wearing Gunja

  1. The time of Shukla paksha Chaturthi is considered best for abhimantring Gunja.
  2. First of all, after doing Sanadi in the morning, wear clean clothes sit in the place of worship, and keep raw milk and Ganga water in a vessel.
  3. After this, put the Gunja seeds in the vessel and then clean the Gunja seeds thoroughly with your hands.
  4. After cleaning thoroughly, turn the Gunjaratti seeds into another vessel put them in clean water, and clean the vessel again.
  5. Then take out the Gunjaratti seeds from the pot and clean them with a new clean cloth and dry them. Keep in mind that the cloth used to clean the Gunja seeds should be new and clean. And that cloth should be used only for worship purposes.
  6. After this, apply Roli in the place of Sumeru, after applying Roli, offer flowers and rice and pray to God that the Gunjaratti seeds get absorbed in the powers.
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  8. After doing this, keep each Gunja seed one by one in the palm, and while chanting the Guru Mantra otherwise “Om” mantra, after chanting all the 108 Gunja seeds one by one, it will be activated.
  9. After this, you can make a garland by threading all 108 Gunja seeds on a thread with the help of a needle and wearing it while remembering God.

Many benefits and uses of Gunjaratti

Gunjaratti, which used to measure and weigh gold and silver jewelry in old times, has many benefits in our lives. But keep in mind that only abhimantrit gunja should be worn, otherwise, you can be deprived of its benefits. The process is considered best on the dates of Holi, Deepawali, Amavashya, Purnima, and Lunar eclipse.

  1. Gunjaratti Seed Mala Bracelet protects the person from the effects of evil eye and black magic.
  2. The person who wears the Engineer Gunjaratti remains healthy and strong.
  3. It is believed that by wearing an engineered ganja, the doors of the person’s luck start opening. Due to which the person gets opportunities for many benefits.
  4. Gunja is considered very effective for mental peace.
  5. Wearing Gunja increases the decision-making ability of the native.
  6. Students must wear engineered Gunja seeds, and bracelets, wearing Gunjaratti increases stability and ability to concentrate.
  7. Gunjaratti always feels light and energetic.
  8. Wearing Gunjaratti and keeping the abhimantrit Gunjaratti in a place like Tijori increases money/finance. Because Gunjaratti has the power to attract money.

Wearing benefits

  1. It is believed that the person who keeps wearing the gunjaratti does not suffer physical harm. The person starts to feel the accidents that are already happening.
  2. By wearing abhimantrit echo automatically all the bad wishes start moving away from the path of the person.
  3. Abhimantrit Gunjaratti must be worn for profit in job promotion, business, etc.
  4. By wearing Gunjaratti, new opportunities for the arrival of money start appearing, due to which the problem of debt starts to go away.
  5. Due to the methodical use of Gunjaratti, the problem of mutual harmony in the married couple strengthens the relationship.
  6. part from this, any person can be tied under his hypnosis by the methodical use of Gunja.
  7. Abhimantrit Gunjaratti controls all the senses of the Jatak. Gunjaratti has the power to control all the 9 planets.

Medicinal properties of red, black, and white Gunjaratti

From the roots to the leaves and seeds of Gunjaratti, medicinal properties are present for the treatment of minor and major diseases.

1. Use of Gunjaratti leaves in oral allergy

Gunjaratti leaves work as a very beneficial mouthwash. Place 1 to 2 Gunja leaves in your mouth and chew for some time until the entire juice of the leaf spreads throughout the mouth.Then gargle with water. By doing this in the morning and evening, you will see that all such problems like mouth infections, ulcers, bad breath, etc. will go away. Apart from this, chewing Gunjaratti leaves keeps a pleasant fragrance and freshness in the mouth throughout the day.

2. Gunjaratti are beneficial for cough and phlegm diseases.

Boiling only 3 to 4 grams of Gunja root and making a decoction and consuming it gets rid of the problem of cough and phlegm in 1 to 2 days.

3. Miraculous use of Gunjaratti in sexual-related physical diseases, benefits

White Gunja Seed is very beneficial for sexual diseases like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and physical weakness.

4. Use of Rattigunja in blood related problems

Gunjaratti leaves are very effective in Blood related problems. Grind 5 grams of Ratti leaves in 1 cup of water make a decoction and take it on an empty stomach regularly in the morning and evening, bleeding due to piles, during menstruation in women. This decoction is very miraculous in ending problems like bleeding or diarrhea, blood leucorrhoea, and white blood leucorrhoea. Apart from this, in case of excessive bleeding, consuming alum equal to a gram in the decoction stops the bleeding within a short time.

Tantric uses and remedies of red and black Gunja

Gunja seeds are mostly used in tantric works, which include hypnosis, divination, and many other activities.

  1. Any person can be subjugated by the abhimantrit seed or garland of Gunja, for this one has to remember the name of the person whom one wants to subjugate while reciting regular Guru Mantra and Vashikaran Mantra.
  2. Enmity can be made in any person by the tantric use of ganja seeds.
  3. By tying abhimantrit Gunja seeds to the clothes worn by a person, that person starts acting according to you as long as Gunja seeds remain tied in his clothes.
  4. On wearing an abhimantrit Gunja Beej Mala and bracelet, the person does not get affected by any kind of evil eye, or black magic.
  5. According to Tantra Shastra, by keeping 11 abhimantrit Gunja seeds in a metal box with pure cow’s ghee in the vault, there is no economic problem in the house. If there is already an economic problem, etc., then slowly money starts coming into the house.

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