Why did Mother Parvati curse her son Kartikeya?


Kartikeya is always depicted as a child, he is married, a great warrior but still his form remains that of a child because his mother Parvati had given him a curse after which he never gave up his childhood. Couldn’t find. There is a mysterious story hidden behind his childlike appearance.

Shankar and Parvati play gambling

It is said that once Lord Shankar expressed his desire to gamble with Parvati. But Lord Shankar started losing in this gambling game and after a time he had nothing left to bet. After defeat, Lord Shiva wore clothes of leaves and went to the banks of Ganga. When his son Kartikeya came to know about this incident, he went to his mother to collect the lost items of Shiva. Karthikeya also gambled with his mother but this time Parvati kept losing.


Kartikeya played Shiva’s side

After defeating his mother, Kartikeya came to the banks of Ganga with his father’s belongings. Parvati became extremely disappointed after losing Shiva and all the things. He told the reason for his sorrow to his son Ganesha and he himself went to his father Shiva to gamble to solve his mother’s problem.

Ganesha played on Parvati’s side

Defeated his father in a gambling game and returned to his mother with all the things. Seeing him, Parvati said that he should have brought his father also with him. Ganesha again set out to search for his father. He went to Haridwar and had darshan of Shiva.

At that time Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Kartikeya were traveling on the banks of Ganga. Bholenath said that he is ready to go back if Parvati gambles with him once again. At the behest of Bholenath, Vishnu got involved in the game of gambling in the form of dice. Ganesh ji assured that Parvati would definitely play with him. When Ganesh came to Parvati with his father and asked her to gamble once again, Parvati started laughing. He told Shiva that he had nothing to stake.

Curse of Parvati

Meanwhile Narad arrived there and gave his Veena and other equipment to Shiva so that he could gamble. The gambling game started and Parvati started losing continuously. Vishnu was following Shiva in the form of dice, resulting in defeat for Parvati every time. Ganesh ji understood that the dice were moving according to his father and he told this whole secret to his mother.

After hearing the entire incident, Parvati became angry and cursed everyone. He cursed Bholenath that the burden of the flow of Ganga would always remain on his head. Narad was cursed to remain wandering forever. He cursed Lord Vishnu that Ravana would be his biggest and most powerful enemy and also cursed his son Kartikeya that he would always remain in the form of a child.

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