Who is the Vastu deity in Hinduism ?


In the scriptures, Vastu Dev has been called the God of the land, so before the construction of the building, the method of worshiping Vastu Dev has been told in myths. From the rooms to the kitchen and study to the worship house, it is considered appropriate to make every room keeping in mind the direction of Vastu. It is believed that not doing so can disturb the peace and happiness of the owner of the land. Very few people know who these Vastu deities are, whose happiness is essential for every home. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the same.


Who is Vastu Devta ?

According to scriptures, the Vastu deity has been described as a man created from a drop of sweat of Lord Shiva. According to mythology, when there was a terrible war between Lord Shiva and the demon Andhakasura, a few drops of sweat from Shankarji’s body fell on the ground. From those drops a creature appeared who terrified the sky and the earth, and started killing the gods. Seeing this, Indra, etc. Gods got scared and reached the shelter of Brahma Ji.

Brahma ji advise to devta

Then Brahmaji advised the deities to sit on him instead of being afraid of that man. The gods did the same. Falling it upside down, all the gods sat on it. When Brahma ji reached there, that man prayed to Brahma ji and asked about his fault and the behavior to be done with the gods.

Brahmaji blessed him

On this Brahma ji also declared him as Vastu deity. Blessed that on the occasion of the construction of any house, village, city, fort, temple, garden, etc. he will also be worshiped along with the deities. For the one who does not do this, there will be obstacles in the life of that person. Along with poverty, he will get premature death. Since then Vastu Devta is worshiped as the deity of land and buildings.

The face of Vastu Dev is in the northeast

Vastupurush has been considered to reside on every land. According to Puranas and Vastu Shastra, his head is in an Ishan angle i.e. North-East, hands in North and East direction, and feet in a Southwest angle i.e. South-West direction. Keeping these directions in mind, Vastupurush is worshiped and Vastu defects are removed. Vastupurush is worshiped along with these two deities and the first worshipable deity Ganesha because he was born from the sweat of Lord Shiva and got the blessings of Lord Brahma. Vastupurush is arranged by 45 deities, the whole universe descends on the earth. Brahma. Vishnu, Mahesh, ten Dikpalas, and 45 deities are all seated on the body of Vastupurush.

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