Who are 45 deities sitting on Vastupurush ?


Vastupurush is arranged by 45 deities, the whole universe descends on the earth. Brahma. Vishnu, Mahesh, ten Dikpalas, and 45 deities are all seated on the body of Vastupurush. To do any construction work, to please the 45 gods, worship should be done according to the rules and regulations.

Devas sitting on body of Vastupurush

Devas sitting on body of Vastupurush is a symbol of stabilization. Stable and hard earth is the best for laying the foundation of any building. Whenever we construct a house, building, office, school, pond, temple, factory, or business place, the presence of Vastupurush is present everywhere.

These 45 powers are as follows:


The supreme creator of the universe and the lord of the center of the building/Brahmasthan place.


His place is in the north and he is the creator of manifestation and attainments.


Who works to connect everyone with the material world. The groom does the work of uniting the bride and taking the process of development forward.


It controls change and drives the process forward. Their place is in the south direction.


They are the motivators and have the power of stimulation which can bind the world together. Their place is in the west direction.


He has all kinds of healer’s powers. Which increases immunity. Gives strength to face troubles. Gives strength and vision to humans. All the zodiac signs of water remain moving due to these only. Their places are in North-North-East N 7 and North-East N 8.


Aap give plans and Aapvatas gives you the ability to carry out these plans. These gods give power to medicines to fight diseases. Increases body and immunity. Their places are in North-East E1 and East-North-East E2 of Vastupurush.


It increases the power of meditation. This power helps in solving problems. The person gets the willpower and inspiration to start any work which motivates him to move forward. With external help comes money and cooperation. Being at the place of Ganesha is considered very auspicious. They are located in East-South-East E7 and South-East E8.


Gayatri Mantra is the power of this energy. Shree Yantra is auspicious here. They give the power and ability of determination in every work. Which inspires the person to move forward in every situation. It nourishes with divine power. Things like ghee can be kept here. They are located in South-East S1 and South-South-East S2.


This god is the primary god and protector of wealth. They give the power of pregnancy and protect at the time of delivery. This power gives long life with the power to think, develop, and live life. Their directions are South-South-West S7 and South-West S8 of Vastupurush.


He gives victory in life with weapons. Gives skill with work efficiency. Learning books and equipment are kept here. These directions are South-West W1 and West-South-West W2.


He maintains the flow of all activities in life. Goods and food items can be kept here. Helping to balance the body and emotions, this direction is best for crying. These directions are West-North-West W7 and North-West W8 of Vastupurush.


This deity gives strength and grip by giving support and power. When it is unbalanced, the mind becomes unstable. These directions are North-West N1 and North-North-West N2.



She is a peacemaker and a force of protection and helps in maintaining integrity. The energy here provides a connection with oneself. Imbalance here makes the native restless and restless and the fear of the unknown keeps troubling him and the native feels directionless and unbalanced. This direction is good for meditation and for coming out of difficult situations. This direction is North-North-East N7.


This energy gives the ability to express visionary and liberal thinking. Gives the ability to develop a vision to see the real truth of life and the real form of nature. It gives a balanced state of mind and clarity to achieve the right objective. If this direction becomes unbalanced, then the mind gets confused and the power of imagination decreases. This direction is North-East N8 of Vastupurush.


This energy gives the power to express thoughts and influence the world with thoughts. It is the source of all-powerful thoughts. This direction is North-East E1. This is the third eye of Shiva which gives the power of plans. If this direction is unbalanced, there is trouble in the eyes.


This energy is the source of the origin of all vegetation. When one meditates here, the insight and curiosity of the mind get satisfied, and the insights increase. This power increases the growth of plants and the production of fruits. This direction is East-North-East E2.


This energy helps in bringing out new things by rubbing two things like gravity. If this direction is unbalanced, then due to thinking a lot, there will be a delay in reaching the result of any work and the result will come out without thinking. This direction is East-South-East E7.


It gives direction to reveal the inner mind and increases the energy inside. This direction is South-East E8 of Vastupurush.


This energy is related to Vayudev. This energy gives strength and inspiration to move forward in difficult tasks and situations. This direction is South-East S1.


This energy enhances strength and nutrition. If it is balanced, it helps to avoid accidents in travel, helps in getting back lost money, and gives insight into choosing a partner for yourself. They are helpful to save buildings from destruction. This direction is South-South-East S2.


This energy is going to save us from discrimination. What remains after the end of this knowledge is the place of energy. It is the direction of what remains after removing the nutrients from the food. If this direction is imbalanced, then there is an increase in expenses and efforts are not successful and the person wastes time in useless activities. This direction is South-South-West S7.


This energy gives curiosity to find and investigate something. Gives the skill and urge to acquire a wide range of knowledge through practice. This direction is South-West S8 of Vastupurush.


This is the energy associated with the ancestors. This direction provides all the means and sources of happiness for its existence. Develops love and connection with family. Increases skills and abilities to address any situation in life. This direction is South-West W1.


This energy gives traditional knowledge related to talent, infinity, and heritage. Gives the ability to retain old knowledge. It helps to move from one stage of knowledge to another, helps in taking the right decisions, and does not allow to get entangled in useless topics and thoughts. Sitting here boosts memory power and the subconscious mind. Being balanced helps in studies, otherwise, students remain weak in knowledge and skills. She inspires us to understand how to use our money, energy, time, and knowledge in the right direction. Physical and mental level saves wastage of time. This direction is West-South-West W2.


This is the dry direction where the emotions are dried by Rudra. If you are feeling stressed in your mind, then by staying here for some time or crying a little, all the negative feelings and depression will go away. This direction is West-North-West W7.


This direction is the direction of addictions, drugs, diseases, and weakening of the mind. The person keeps on finding out the mistakes of others and gets separated from society due to which he takes the help of addictions and drugs. There is an accumulation of guilt and sorrows in the body due to which mental blockages occur. This direction is W8, the direction of North-West.


This direction gives strength to the weak power and destroys the diseases and gives strength. Gives support and strength in difficult times. Just like the inverter takes electricity for charge and helps in times of need, in the same way, if this direction is balanced, it provides money and help to people when needed. This direction is North-West N2.


Here an emotionally weak person gets pleasure and gets satisfaction from longing and craving. This direction is North-North-West N2.


This direction brings victory and success in all endeavors and refreshes the mind and body. Gives enthusiasm to execute new ideas in the person. A pleasant atmosphere remains in the house and social contacts increase. Here comes bitterness in the language of holding a sword. This direction is East-North-East E3.


This is the vital energy to develop the power of cooperation among the people. It has the qualities of an administrator and dealing with the highest administration and helps in building relationships with high-ranking government people and increasing material comforts. This is East direction E4.


It gives vision and observation power to the eyes. Ability to control any system. The person gets fame and recognition when the Sun is balanced. This is East direction E5.


This energy gives authenticity, credibility, and prestige. The ability to analyze anything develops inside the person. When imbalanced here, there is sharpness, aggression, and emotional outbursts in nature. This direction is East-South-East E6.


This energy is associated with untruth, lies, pretense, and hypocrisy. In which the person is not able and healthy and can make positive use of this energy. Disagreements and insults are found in society when it is unbalanced. This is the direction of South-South-East S3. Know the lines on your hands.


This is the energy that controls the mind. This energy defines the boundaries of the mind and all its functions. This is South Direction S4.


This energy means self-control and moral duty. This energy regulates the balance of the world. Keeps the world bound by law. It only explains the mind according to the laws and principles and motivates it in the right direction. This direction is South S5.


This energy preserves the human body by giving life force from Samaras. Which removes all the important nutrients of the food. It is the supreme power of music and art. Through music, the mind reaches a blissful state. This direction is South-South-West S6.


This energy gives the power to achieve beauty and to make all subjects easily understandable and achievable. For the practice of knowledge, you get power and method. The child gets the power he needs to acquire knowledge and wealth from childhood. When there is an imbalance in this direction, the children do not attain knowledge even after many attempts because they forget all of them as soon as they understand them. This direction is West-South-West W3.


This direction is the energy of the assistant. This is Kubera’s vehicle whose qualities are expansion and blossoming. When this direction is balanced, all the wishes of prosperity, growth, and development in life are fulfilled. Fragrance and nutrition in life are found through this power. This is Varun Dev’s west direction W4.


This energy oversees and controls the world. It controls the tendency of human emotions and keeps them fresh. Gives speed to all the work in the world. There is strength in keeping a couple together, which brings growth and prosperity. This direction is West W5.


These are the deities of magic and illusory powers that give spirituality and spiritual depth. Helps to move forward in the spiritual path by freeing the mind from temptations and false hopes. It shows all the negative powers and also shows the divine power along with all the demons, demoniacs, and goddesses. This direction is West-North-West W6.


This power is related to protection. It is the main of all the energies that are related to the process of expression and purpose of any building. This power gives the idea to reveal the products ready for sale to the world and fulfills the purpose of bringing money by selling them. This direction is North-North-West N3.


This is the power of abundance. It enhances all efforts and their results. If you want to achieve something big in life, then balance this direction. This is the direction of North N4.


This is Kuber’s throne i.e. energy of treasure. Gives the power to get profit in business and protect from enemies. This energy has the magic to attract anyone’s attention. There is energy to convert practically all the work into money. When this direction is balanced, everyone will appreciate the efforts of the native and buy his products. This is the north direction N5.


It is the energy of immunity-boosting and life-saving medicines. This is the direction of attraction. Ensures the unhindered flow of wealth and health. This power is also related to Kundalini Shakti. This direction is the direction of the North-North-East N6.

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