Where is Alexander the great Buried ?


Alexander the Great is given the title of world conqueror. At the age of 32, he had conquered an empire that extended from the Balkans to modern-day Pakistan. With this, he became the master of the largest empire in the ancient world. Despite his success and fame, to date, it is not known where the tomb of Alexander the Great is. Based on ancient writings, legends, and recent discoveries, many experts have tried to find clues as to where Alexander the Great was buried.


Ptolemy had captured the body of Alexander the Great

Chris Naughton, director of the Britain-based Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust and an expert on Egyptian history, has written in his book Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt that Alexander the Great died in 323 BC. After this, a war broke out between Alexander’s generals and officers to gain control over his vast empire. One of his generals, Ptolemy, captured the body of Alexander the Great. Alexander’s body was later brought to Memphis, Egypt in 321 BC. Naughton writes in his book that historical records indicate that Alexander the Great’s body was probably kept in Memphis until a tomb was built in Alexandria.

Where is Alexander the great Buried ?

Alexander’s body was brought to Alexandria

He claimed that the body of Alexander the Great was later taken to Alexandria. Naughton said it is not clear when Alexander’s body was moved from Memphis to Alexandria, but it certainly took a long time. Historical records show that another tomb was built for Alexander in Alexandria in the late 3rd century BC. This tomb was known as Sema or Soma. This seems to be the last tomb in which Alexander the Great was laid to rest. Naughton said it is unclear where exactly this final tomb is located. “The location of the tomb may now be underwater.

Fear of never finding the real tomb

Andrew Erskine, a classics professor at the University of Edinburgh, Britain, supported the lack of a definitive location for the tomb of Alexander the Great. He said ancient sources tell us that Alexander’s tomb was with that of Ptolemy in the palace complex in Alexandria, but exactly where that location is is unclear. Naughton said that there is a high probability that the tomb of Alexander the Great will not be found. For centuries, man-made and natural destruction has wreaked havoc on the earth’s surface. The construction of modern cities has also captured antiquity below.
There is very little mention of Alexander’s tomb in historical texts.

It may not be possible to identify the tomb

He said that even if remains of the tomb are found, it may not be possible to identify the tomb as the tomb of Alexander the Great. Naughton said that historical texts provide little information about what the tomb looked like and that an inscription on the tomb may be necessary to identify it. Although the location of his final tomb is unknown, we do know of two places where Alexander the Great’s body was kept for a time. One of these is the “Alabaster Tomb” of Alexandria. There is no inscription here. But it is big. Naunton said it was possible that this could be the tomb in which Alexander was placed after his body was first taken to Alexandria. It appears to be from around the 3rd century BC. Parts of its design are similar to other ancient tombs in Macedonia.

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