When and How Lord Shri Ram Died?


Lord Ram has ruled the earth for more than 10,000 years. In his reign, Lord Ram has done many great things. Lord Ram gave Glorius history to Hinduism. Then why did Lord Shri Ram disappear from this world?  What was the reason that Shri Ram has to leave his family and go back to Vaishno Lok?

How did Lord Shri Ram Die?

According to Padma Purana one day an old saint reaches the court of Lord Shri Ram. He requested Lord Shri to discuss something with him alone hearing this Lord Ram took Saint to his Room. Lord Ram put his younger brother Laxman at the gate and said if someone tries to disturb the discussion of him and that saint he will punish that person. Following the orders of his elder brother Laxman left the two in solitude in that room. He stood outside and guarded the room.


Who was that Old Saint

That old saint was none other than Kaaldev sent by Brahma Dev. He was come to tell Lord Ram that his life on earth has completed and now he will have to return to his world. At the same time suddenly sage Durvasa came to the door. He requested Laxman that he wanted to meet Lord Ram but Laxman obeyed Shri Ram’s Order and prevented sage Duravsa from going inside. At that time Sage Durvasa was famous for his anger and curse. Sage Durvasa got angry at Laxman’s repeated refusal and said if you do not let me in I will curse Ram.

How Laxman Died?

Laxman got scared after hearing this he could not understand whether to follow his brother’s order or to save his brother from the curse. Laxman never wanted his elder brother to suffer harm due to him. Therefore, Laxman decides to bear the death penalty So that Shri Ram could be saved from the curse of Sage Durvasa.

Laxman then entered the room. Seeing Laxman Lord Ram was into a dilemma. Now, On one hand, Shri Ram was compelled due to his vow to punish anyone who entered the room, on the other hand, he felt helpless due to his love for his brother. At that time Lord Shri Ram ask Laxman to leave the kingdom instead of giving the death penalty. During those times being thrown out of the kingdom was consider the same as the death penalty. But Laxman, who could not imagine living a single movement without his brother Ram decided to leave the world and go to the river and give up his body. He converted to Sesh Naag and went to Vishnu Lok.

Lord Shri Ram Last Time

Prabhu Shri Ram became said when he came to know about Laxman’s death. After that lord, Shri Ram also made up his mind to leave this world. Shri Ram handed over his kingdom to his son and brother’s son. He walks over the Sarayu river and after reaching there Lord Shri Ram went inside the river. Later, he appeared in the form of Lord Vishnu in front of his devotee. In this way, Shri Ram renounces his human from took his real form and proceeded to Vaikunth forever.

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