What is the secret of Nidhivan ?


Many places in India hold many mysteries in their bosom, one such place is Nidhivan located in Vrindavan, about which it is believed that even today, Krishna dances with the Gopis here every night. This is the reason why Nidhivan, which opens in the morning, is closed after the evening aarti. After that, no one lives there, even the animals and birds living in Nidhivan during the day leave Nidhivan in the evening.

Nidhivan is situated in Vrindavan

Mathura, the city of Krishna, is called the land of love. That land, where Shri Krishna resides in every particle, but there is also a place here which, despite being in Kaliyuga, takes you to Dwapara Yuga. It is said that it is prohibited to go here at night. The one who went either became blind or was incapable of telling anything. Nidhivan is situated in Vrindavan, just a short distance from the birthplace of Shri Krishna in Mathura. This is such a mysterious forest, about which research was done for years, but no one could succeed in unraveling the secrets behind it. It is said that Shri Krishna himself comes here to perform Raas with his beloved Radha Rani and Gopis and perform Leela every night.


This tradition has been going on for centuries

While there is a constant flow of devotees throughout the day in Nidhivan, no one is allowed to enter after sunset. Locks are installed here and this practice is not recent but has been going on for centuries.

No one could understand this centuries-old sequence

Today you can sit on the ground and see the universe, but not the night in the forest of Nidhivan. Not only humans but even animals don’t stay here at night. Even the monkeys tied to the tune of Shri Krishna’s flute leave Nidhivan at nightfall. To date, no person can witness the night of Nidhivan. Whoever knows this secret has not been capable of telling it.


Nidhivan closes in the evening and everyone leaves from here. But still, if someone tries to watch Raasleela secretly, he may become blind. It is believed that after the sacred process of Aarti, no one is allowed around the temple. It is also said that if someone stays in the temple at night, he may either become blind or lose his ability to hear.


There is a ‘Rang Mahal’ inside Nidhi Van, about which it is believed that Radha and Kanhaiya come here every night. There is a small room in the sacred garden in which a bed of sandalwood is prepared for Lord Krishna every day. A silver glass with water and betel leaves is kept near the bed. Besides, two brushes, sarees, and bangles are also kept there to clean the teeth. As soon as the doors are opened in the morning, the priest finds an empty glass of water, a half-eaten paan, and the bed in a position as if someone had slept in it. Monkeys also leave Nidhivan after Aarti at night. In Rangmahal, devotees offer only make-up items and they also get make-up items as Prasad.

Trees grow into the ground

The trees of Nidhi Van are also very strange where the branches of every tree grow upwards whereas the branches of the trees of Nidhi Van grow downwards. The situation is such that these trees have been stopped with the help of sticks to make way.

Gopis become Tulsi trees

Another specialty of Nidhi Van is the Tulsi trees here. Every Tulsi tree in Nidhi Van is in pairs. The belief behind this is that when Krishna dances with Radha in the forest, then these paired trees become Gopis. As soon as morning comes, everything again turns into a basil tree. Besides, there is another belief that no one can take away even a single stem of the forest basil from the couple growing in this forest. People say that those who took it became victims of some disaster or the other. That’s why no one touches them.

There are no windows in the houses built around the forest.

There are no windows in the houses built around the forest. The residents here say that no one looks at this forest after seven in the evening.

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