What is Sanjeevani Booti, which saved Lakshman ji’s life ?


In Ramayana, Hanuman ji lifts an entire mountain to save Lakshman ji’s life. The reason behind lifting the entire mountain was that Hanuman was not able to know which Sanjeevani herb was the one that would save Lakshman ji’s life. We are not writing this post to give you the knowledge of Ramayana, but to tell you about the ancient method of India, its importance, and some interesting facts related to this herb.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India. Ayurveda is the science of life in Sanskrit. This knowledge was born in India 5000 years ago. It is also called the “Mother of All Healing”. Its roots lie in the ancient Vedic culture. This Vidya was taught by Gurus to their disciples in education many years ago. It is taught orally, due to which written knowledge is inaccessible. The principles of many natural healing systems in the West have their roots in Ayurveda, including homeopathy and polarity therapy.


Does this mountain still exist today?

The mountain which Hanuman ji had lifted is still famous. In Sri Lanka, this mountain is known as Rumassala Mountain. It is said that even today Sanjivani herb is found on this mountain. Along with this, pieces of the mountain brought by Hanuman ji are lying at many places on the southern sea coast of Sri Lanka. Not only this, it is also said that when Hanuman ji was carrying the mountain, a piece of it fell in Ritigala. Its specialty is that even today such herbs grow here, which are very different from that area. At the same time, another part of the mountain fell in Hakagala Garden in Sri Lanka. The trees and plants of this place are also completely different from the soil and trees of that area.

What is Sanjeevani Booti?

According to Hindu belief, Sanjeevi is a miraculous herb. It has the power to solve any kind of problem. It is believed that this herb can bring life to a dead body. Somewhere in the list of scientific literature, Sanjivani is mentioned as Selaginella bryopteris. The search for ancient texts has so far not revealed any plant as definitively Sanjivani. It is written in some texts that Sanjeevani shines in the dark.

It is written in Valmiki Ramayana

The physician of Lanka had told Hanuman ji – There is a mountain between Kailash and Rishabh Mountains in the Himalayas on which life-giving herbs are found. These herbs are of 4 types: Mritasanjivani, Vishalyakarni, Suvarnakarni and Sandhani. Light always emanates from all these herbs. You have to come as soon as possible with these herbs.
The best part is that according to the story, it is said that after Lakshman regained consciousness, Hanuman ji put the mountain back in its place. This is the best example of the conservation of medicinal plants. More research is still being done in science regarding the Sanjeevani herb.

Just claims or reality ?

If we look at mythological history, Ram Setu built in Tretayug is also true for which evidence has been found and Sanjivani Booti is also true but it is worth thinking that we are talking about another era millions of years ago. Even if the description is 100 percent correct, a lot has changed on Earth in millions of years, so the plants that were there earlier don’t need to be still on Earth. When dinosaurs became extinct, Sanjivani may also become extinct. Although there are many medicinal plants that have similar properties, their location is also almost similar but these are not Sanjeevani herbs because no plant which can bring a dead person back to life has been discovered yet. The day that happens, it will become the lifeblood of Kaliyuga.

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