What is Brahma Muhurta and its benefits ?


Brahma Muhurta is a special period in the morning when natural energy is in abundance and the environment is calm and pure. This period usually begins about 1.5 hours before sunrise and ends at sunrise. Brahma muhurta is considered to be the best, auspicious, and beneficial time. Brahma muhurta is considered auspicious and beneficial because this time has some special qualities which affect the body, mind, and soul of a person.

Here are some reasons that make Brahmamuhurta auspicious and beneficial:

Peace and stability:

At the time of Brahmamuhurta, the environment is calm, and natural energy was in abundance. Waking up during this period makes your mind calm and stable, which can help in making your day pleasant and prosperous. At the time of Brahmamuhurta, the mood remains calm and the restlessness of worries and thoughts is reduced. This increases a person’s attention and intelligence.


Increase in mental strength

Waking up in Brahmamuhurta fills your mind with freshness and increases mental strength. It can help you improve thinking, memory, decision-making, and efficiency.

Health benefit

Getting up during this period improves the body’s immunity and activates your digestive system. It can help make you healthy and energetic.

Benefits of Sadhana and Meditation

Waking up in Brahmamuhurta allows you to meditate and do spiritual practices. It can help you in mental and spiritual growth and fill your life with peace, stability, and prosperity.

Natural Energy

The amount of natural energy was abundant at the time of Brahma muhurta. This energy increases peace, tranquility, and vital power.

Power of Sun

At the time of Brahmamuhurta, the energy of the Sun was at its highest level. Sun is a natural source and with its power life can be made energetic and healthy.

Tradition of Vedic Acharyas

Brahmamuhurta has been considered an important Muhurta by the Vedic Acharyas. This tradition is mentioned in classical and spiritual texts.

For all these reasons Brahmamuhurta is considered auspicious and beneficial. Getting up during this time can improve mental, physical, and spiritual development. If you want to get the benefits of waking up in Brahmamuhurta, you should sleep early at night and make a regular practice of getting up in the morning. Practicing meditation, pranayama yoga, etc. can be more beneficial at this time.

What should be done in Brahma Muhurta?

  • According to the scriptures, one should not eat food even by mistake during Brahma Muhurta. Doing this is not considered good from a health point of view. By doing this, many types of diseases surround the body.
  • Brahma Muhurta is a time when the environment is completely calm. In such a situation, during this time the person gets help in meditation, yoga, or taking important decisions.
  • One should not bring negative emotions into the mind at the time of Brahma Muhurta. This creates mental stress.
  • After taking a bath in Brahma Muhurta, worship, etc. should be done. By doing this the Gods and Goddesses are pleased and positive changes come in life.
  • Brahma Muhurta is also considered very useful for students. This is because by studying during this time, things are remembered for a long time.

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