Story of Vindhya mountain of Maa Vindhyavasini


Vindhya or Vindhyachal mountain range is one of the seven mountain ranges of India. The word Vindhya is derived from ‘vidh’ which means metal. It has been considered the abode of Goddess Vindhyavasini since ancient times. Here, the body of Mata Sati, located on the Trikon Parvat, became Shaktipeeth, which today everyone knows as the abode of Goddess Vindhyavasini. The mystery of this mountain still astonishes people. On this mountain, Goddess Vindhyavasini destroyed the demons named Madhu and Kaitabh. According to beliefs, Vindhya Mountain had received the blessings of being the best by doing hard penance.

Competition between Vindhya and Himalaya

According to ancient beliefs, the story of the Vindhya mountain is very popular. According to this Parvatraj Himalaya was proud of being the highest, due to which Vindhya Mountain started getting jealous. The Vindhya Mountains were beginning to feel small and humiliated. To remove his self-aggrandizement and to become the highest mountain, he started worshiping Maa Vindhyavasini. Pleased with his penance, the Goddess as well as the Tridevs present at his feet blessed him so that he started growing day by day.


Guru Agastya and Vindhya

Touching new heights daily, one day he reached the wheels of the Sun God’s chariot, due to which Dinkar’s chariot stopped and there was an outcry in the whole world. Gods, demons, animals, birds, and humans all got distracted. To solve this problem, Tridev asked the deities to take help from Agast Rishi, the guru of Vindhya mountain. Agastya Rishi agreed to persuade the disciple and as soon as he reached in front of Vindhya mountain, he bowed down to do Vindhya mountain Dandavat Pranaam to bow down to his Guru.

As soon as he bowed down, Dinkar’s chariot started moving smoothly again. And Agastya Rishi ordered the disciple Vindhya to remain in the bowing posture until he returned. Saying this the sage went south and never returned. It is believed that even today he is in the same prostrate posture waiting for the Guru. In this way, Agastya Rishi solved this problem and brought the creation back into motion.

Birth of Mother Vindhyavasini

According to the story of Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna, born from the eighth womb of Devaki, was taken to Nandji’s house in Gokul overnight by Vasudevji to save him from Kansa, and Adi Parashakti Yogmaya was born as a daughter from Yashoda’s womb. He was quietly brought to Mathura jail. Later, when Kansa got the news of the birth of Devaki’s eighth child, he reached the prison. As soon as he wanted to kill that newborn girl by throwing her on a stone, that girl suddenly got released from Kansa’s hands and reached the sky she predicted the slaughter of Kansa by showing her divine form and finally, she returned to Bhagwati Vindhyachal.

Mythological Beliefs

Bhagwati Vindhyavasini Adya is super power. Vindhyachal has always been his abode. The continual presence of Jagdamba has made Vindhyagiri an awakened Shaktipeeth. In the Virat Parva of Mahabharata, while praising Yudhishthira Devi, Dharmaraj says – Vindhyachaivanag-Shreshthe Tavasthanahi Shashwatam. Hey mother! You always reside in Vindhyachal, the best among the mountains. In Padyapuran, Vindhyachal-Nivasini, this superpower has been related to the name of Vindhyavasini- Vindhyavindhyadhivasini.

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