Story of Surpanakha’s son Jambumali


We already know about Surpanakha, sister of Lanka’s ruler Ravana. She was a self-willed woman who was married to a demon named Vidyujjihva. Vidyujihva belonged to the Kalkeya clan, who was killed by Ravana. Different stories of his killing are found in different Puranas. Today we will tell you about her son Jambumali also known as Shambhu Kumar.

Son of Vidyujihva

According to the story of one Purana, he was unknowingly killed by Ravana during the war with the Kalkeyas, while according to the story of another Purana, he had taken Vidyujihva with him to the heaven during his attack on the heaven, where he was killed. happened. According to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, when Shurpanakha married Vidyujihva, Ravana killed her when he came to Lanka.

In Ranganath Ramayana translated in Odia language, when Ravana started going for Digvijay, he appointed Vidyujihva to guard Lanka. But Vidyujihva thought that why not he should learn all the knowledge of Maya and establish dominance over Lanka. To fulfill this purpose, he went to the underworld and started learning all the Tantra Vidya, Maya Vidya, Uchchatan, Tratak etc. But when Ravana returned and came to know about Vidyujihva’s betrayal, he went to the underworld in anger and killed him with his sword.

Ravana killed Vidyujihva

After killing Vidyujihva, Ravana told Surpanakha that she can choose any husband willingly and move about and live happily. According to the story of Ranganath Ramayana, when Ravana killed his brother-in-law Vidyujihva, Shurpanakha was six months pregnant. Ravana ordered Shurpanakha to choose a husband and live her life as per her wish.


Surpanakha gave birth to a son named “Jambumali”

Surpanakha came to Panchavati and there she gave birth to a son named “Jambumali”. When Jambu grew up, he asked Surpanakha questions about his father. Hearing from Shurpanakha that his father had been killed by Ravana, he became extremely angry and went to the forest to perform penance for killing Ravana.

He thought that Brahma ji will not give the groom and Shiv ji is Ravana’s favorite god and also Lord Vishnu does not know when he becomes happy. Thinking that all these gods reside in the Sun God, he decided to worship the Sun God himself and performed severe penance in the forest. After doing penance for a long time, his body was covered with a clump of bamboo. Then the Sun God sent a divine sword through the sky. Coincidentally, at that very time, Lord Shri Ram had gone into exile and had come to Panchvati along with Lakshman and Sitaji for his stay in the forest.

Laxman killed Jambumali

Suddenly one day Lakshman went to the forest to cut wood and at that very moment the sword suddenly started waving in the air while uttering a loud sound. And that sword went and stopped near Jambu. A voice came out from the sword, “O Jambu Kumar! You are blessed. Please accept this sword, Shri Surya Dev has sent me.” But under the influence of pride, the demon Kumar asked the sword to go back saying, “If Suryadev had come in person and surrendered you to me, I would have accepted you, but he has insulted us by not coming himself. That’s why I accept you.” Can’t, you’re free to go anywhere.”

Unknowingly he killed Jambumali

At the same time, Lakshman ji reached there and unaware of this incident, he spontaneously held that rare and shining sword in his hand. Then, to test him, he suddenly hit a clump of bamboo. Immediately a Munikumar was seen writhing and breaking into two pieces. Now Lakshman ji suddenly started wailing in a low tone. He said, how could I, the son of Dashrath and younger brother of Shri Ram, commit such a heinous act? Now I have no right to live. And then he became ready to commit suicide. Before his death, he decided to go to Lord Shri Ram and confess his crime.

Laxman regret on killing him

He reached Shri Ram and narrated the entire story to the Lord. Prabhu also got worried and started thinking about something. Then suddenly a group of some monks appeared there. Then the sages narrated the entire above mentioned story to Shri Ram. He told Shri Ram that he was not a Brahmin or a sage, but a demon. He is great and cruel, the nephew of Lanka’s ruler Ravana and the son of Surpanakha. And if that sword itself had come into his hands, he would have destroyed all humanity. So whatever happened by God happened for the good. And in this way you have saved humanity. You give up mourning.

He was known as Shambhu Kumar in some references

Hey Raghav! No person from your clan can kill any innocent person without any reason, even by mistake. Then the sages told Shri Ram about Surpanakha in detail. Even it is not mentioned in Shri Ramcharit Manas, Valmiki Ramayana or any other scripture. In Valmiki Ramayana, the name of a son of Lankan commander Prahastha is also mentioned as Jambumali who was killed by Hanuman. Keep in mind that these two Jambumali are different. The story of this son of Shurpanakha is available only in Ranganatha Ramayana. A similar story is found in the Kamba Ramayana of South India about the son of Shurpanakha, but in that text his name is mentioned as “Shambhu Kumar”.

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