Powerful weapons in Chinese mythology


In this article, we will tell you about some of the most powerful weapons in Chinese mythology, each with its fascinating origins and unique abilities. These weapons are often used by heroic figures and divine beings. It represent strength, virtue, and the essence of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Seven-star sword

According to ancient Chinese mythology, this magnificent sword was formed from the merger of the seven stars of the Big Dipper. Endowed with divine energy, the Seven-Star Sword grants its holder extraordinary combat prowess and the power to control the forces of nature. With each swing, the Seven-Star Sword emits a melodious melody. It mesmerizes all who hear it and evokes a sense of awe and wonder in those fortunate enough to witness a breathtaking display of its power.

Divine crossbow

Unveiling another extraordinary weapon, we encounter the awe-inspiring Divine Crossbow. In Chinese mythology, this divine weapon is often associated with the brave heroine, Hou Yi. Legend has it that Hou Yi used the divine crossbow to shoot down nine of the ten suns that plagued the earth to save humanity from the scorching heat. The divine crossbow exemplifies precision and accuracy, representing the victory of bravery and the preservation of balance in the world.

Green Dragon Crescent Blade

Revered as a symbol of power and might, this crescent-shaped blade has an ethereal aura. According to folklore, it was commanded by the heroic general Guan Yu, known for his unwavering loyalty and martial prowess. The resounding sound of its blade strikes fear into the hearts of opponents. While its elegant design, adorned with intricate dragon motifs, evokes a sense of awe and admiration among all who see it.


Thunder drum

It is said that the Thunder Drum is crafted from the skin of a divine being and can summon storms and control the forces of lightning. Often wielded by gods or powerful mythological figures, this remarkable weapon serves as evidence of the deep connection between music, rhythm, and the natural world. In ancient times, during moments of great peril, the thunder drum’s resounding beats spread across the sky. Resounded, summoning celestial beings to aid in the defense of the mortal realm against evil forces.

Soul-invigorating hook

The soul-invigorating hook, also known as the Hunyuan Ling, is a powerful mythical weapon associated with Erlang Shen, a major deity in Chinese mythology. The soul-invigorating hook is described as a long spear-like weapon with a hook-shaped blade at the end. It is usually depicted as a fearsome weapon with intricate designs and is often decorated with mystical symbols. The hook-shaped blade is believed to be able to capture and subdue demons and evil spirits.

Fenghuang feather fan

The Fenghuang feather fan, also known as Fenghuang Yu Shan, is a mystical fan associated with the goddess Nuwa in Chinese mythology. The fan is named after the Fenghuang, a mythical bird often associated with good fortune, beauty, and immortality. The primary power of the Fenghuang feather fan lies in its ability to control the wind, create storms, and summon rain. Nuva can fire a fan to manipulate the elements and affect weather patterns.

Nine-tooth rake

The nine-tooth rake gets its name from its distinctive design, with nine-pointed teeth arranged in a comb-like structure. It is often depicted as a long-handled rake with a curved blade. And its teeth are said to be incredibly sharp and formidable. Each tooth represents a specific aspect of fire and electricity, imbuing the weapon with extraordinary abilities. Zhu Bajie, also known as Pigsy or Pig of the Eight Precepts, is a famous character in the Chinese classical novel “Journey to the West”. He often uses by using his nine-toothed rake to defeat enemies and remove obstacles in his pursuit.

Heavenly sword

No exploration of Chinese mythology would be complete without mentioning the Celestial Sword, a weapon imbued with divine power. As its name suggests, it is said that this extraordinary sword was created by the gods themselves. Its gleaming blade emits a brilliant sheen, symbolizing the Monkey King’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination in his quest for wisdom and justice. With each swing, the heavenly sword cuts through the darkness, paving the way for victory and the restoration of harmony in the mythical realm.

Demon-subduing staff

The demon-subduing staff is originally a pillar of the Dragon King’s undersea palace of the East Sea. It is said to weigh about 13,500 jin about 8.1 tons and can change its shape at will. The staff was initially used by the Monkey King Sun Wukong as a weapon to protect himself and his companions during his travels. It can expand or contract in length, allowing Sun Wukong to manipulate it as needed in battle. He can make it as small as a needle or as big as the sky. Making it a versatile weapon for a variety of situations.

Heaven-cleaving Halberd

The heaven-cleaving halberd represents Yu the Great’s dominion over the forces of nature. It symbolizes his ability to remove chaos and restore balance in the world. This divine rudder is depicted as a massive weapon with a long handle and a large blade. It has incredible strength and the ability to split mountains with a single blow. The Heaven-Cleaving Halberd has control over water. It allows Yu the Great to manipulate and direct its flow. He could control the waters, stopping floods or redirecting them for the benefit of the people.

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