Metal idols of which animals are kept in the house


Although there are many types of metal idols in the house, you should know what kind of idol will affect your home. Similarly, the idols kept in the house have both negative and positive effects. Idols of animals add beauty to the house, but what is their effect, let’s know.

Elephant idol

Elephant idol can be kept in the house but this idol should be of solid silver or brass. The elephant is a symbol of wealth. Keeping a brass statue in the bedroom ends the differences between husband and wife and keeping a silver elephant keeps away all the defects related to Rahu. This idol should be of solid silver or brass. The elephant is a symbol of wealth. Keeping a brass statue in the bedroom ends the differences between husband and wife and keeping a silver elephant keeps away all the defects related to Rahu. This is the remedy for Rahu sitting in the fifth and twelfth houses. Keeping a picture or idol of an elephant in the house creates positive energy as well as sources of wealth.

Idol of Lord Shiva

According to Vastu Shastra, positive energy is transmitted by keeping a picture or idol of God at home. Keeping the idols of Gods and Goddesses in the house brings happiness and prosperity. Lord Shiva is considered the supreme among all the gods in Hinduism. With the grace of Shiva, even the biggest crisis can be averted. In such a situation, the idol of Lord Shiva should be installed in the house.


Statue of Swan

Install the statue of a swan couple in the guest room of the house, which will increase the possibilities of immense wealth and prosperity and there will always be peace in the house. Instead of two swans, you can also put a statue of two ducks or two storks. Due to this, there is harmony in married life as well.


Keeping a tortoise in the house creates the sum of wealth and prosperity along with progress. Keeping it is believed to prolong life. East and north direction are considered best for the installation of a turtle. A tortoise can be kept in the drawing room by filling water in a vessel. Tortoise should be of metal and not wood.

Idol of Parrot

According to Vastu, the idol or picture of a parrot should be kept in the study room or where the children study. Parrot should not be kept, but keeping the same picture or statue in the house is beneficial. According to Vastu Shastra, placing a picture of a parrot in the north direction increases children’s interest in studies, as well as increases their memory capacity. The parrot is a symbol of love, loyalty, longevity, and good luck.

If you are feeling illness, despair, poverty, and lack of happiness in the house, then install a picture or statue of a parrot in the house. According to Feng Shui, a pair of parrots is also established to establish a love relationship between husband and wife. Parrot helps establish a balance of 5 elements. The colorful feathers of parrots symbolize earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. Parrot increases good luck.

Fish idol

Many people keep fish in the aquarium at home, but it is better to make a brass or silver idol of a fish and keep it in the house. According to Vastu, this idol opens the way for progress by strengthening happiness and peace in the house. Fish is a symbol of good health, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and power. You can keep this idol in the northeast or east direction of your house.

Cow Calf Idol

Many homes have a brass idol of a Kamdhenu cow feeding milk to the calf. Keeping the idol of a cow gives peace of mind along with having a child. Its importance has also been explained in Feng Shui. This idol is also installed in the house for concentration in studies.

Camel idol

It is also a practice to keep a camel idol in the house. The idol of a pair of camels is best placed in the drawing room or living room facing the northwest direction. Camel is a symbol of hard work. Idols or pictures of camels are kept for advancement in career or in business establishments. It gives success by keeping the mind stable. Family members remain mentally sound and peaceful.

Copper and brass idols

Idols of deities are worshiped in the temple of every house. The common man cannot install gold and silver idols. Copper is considered to be the purest metal after gold and silver. According to Vastu beliefs, worshiping copper idols gives the same virtue as worshiping gold and silver idols. Therefore, if you cannot keep gold or silver idols, then you can also worship copper idols. Apart from copper, you can also get special results by worshiping brass idols.

Some metals are considered unholy for the place of worship according to Vastu

Prominent among these are iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. Worshiping these metal idols gives you harm instead of auspicious results.

Bull, Buffalo, Lion, Rat, Horse, Narmada Shivling, Shwetark Ganapati, Singham Lakshmi Shankh, Nazar Battu, Dwarka Shila, Nagmani, Parad Shivling, Diamond Shankh, Gomti Chakra, Shriyantra, Gaurochan are the holy objects kept in the homes of many people. Aquarium, Shivling, Shaligram, Dakshinavarti conch, gem, nag, cowrie, sea salt, a lump of turmeric, Rudraksh, elephant pair, Parad Shivling, etc. can be hundreds of things, but what and where to keep which things in the house should be according to Vastu.

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