King Yuvnashwa the ancestor of Shri Ram who became mother


In today’s modern era, we are making new inventions. Over the past few years, it has been proven that many/most of the things that we are making today were already described in our religious scriptures. This proves that the Sanatan Hindu religion is not only very ancient but also very scientific. The surrogacy that we talk about today was described centuries ago in the Mahabharata. Similarly, today’s scientists are also researching whether men can conceive artificially. Today’s story is the answer to this. We all have read about the lineage of Shri Ram. Maharaj Yuvnashwa became a king from Lord Brahma in the 19th century. Maharaj Yuvanashva is unique in himself because he conceived despite being a man.

Who was Yuvanashwa ?

We find the description of this story in Narad Purana. Yuvanashva’s wife’s name was Gauri. Even after many years of marriage, both remained childless. To have a child, Maharaj Yuvnashwa decided to go to the forest and perform penance. He handed over the kingdom to the ministers went to the forest and started doing penance.


Maharaj Yuvnashwa organized a great “Ishti Yagya”

During that time he met Rishi Chyavan, son of Maharishi Bhrigu. When Maharishi Chyavan heard the problem of Maharaj Yuvanashva, he consoled him and said that with the effect of Yagya, he could get a child. Then Maharaj Yuvanashva requested him to perform that Yagya. After Maharishi’s approval, Maharaj Yuvanashva called his ministers and army there and organized a great “Ishti Yagya” as per the instructions of Chyavan Rishi.

King Yuvnashwa was forced to go out in search of water himself.

That Yagya continued for 1 year without any delay and at the end of the Yagya, Maharishi Chyavan kept the consecrated water in a pot, after drinking which Queen Gauri could conceive. After the yagya was over, everyone fell into deep sleep suffering from fatigue. At night, Maharaj Yuvanashva felt extremely thirsty and started calling his servants. But due to being in a very deep sleep, no one heard his call. King Yuvnashwa was forced to go out in search of water himself.

He drank the consecrated water

Even after searching a lot, he could not find water, but then he saw water kept in a pot near the sacrificial fire. He did not know that the water which his wife had to drink was consecrated and in this ignorance, he drank the consecrated water. As soon as he drank water, changes started in his body and he became unwell. When Maharishi Chyavan saw this, he said that now a child would be born from his womb. Maharaj Yuvnaashva prayed to him to suggest a solution but he too was helpless because he had been blessed by performing the water yajna and its results could no longer be stopped.

All gods including Lord Indra were present there to witness this wonderful event

When the right time came for the birth of the child, the king became very nervous. This was an extraordinary situation for Maharishi Chyawan also. Then he called upon Ashwinikumar, the physician of the gods. Then Ashwinikumars tore the womb of Maharaj Yuvnashwa and took out a child. It had never happened before that a man had produced a child, that is why all the gods including Lord Indra were present there to witness this wonderful event.

Child was named “Mandhata”.

With the birth of that child, a problem arose who would breastfeed him now? Then Devraj Indra himself came there and inserted his index finger in the child’s mouth from which divine milk was coming out. Satisfied with that divine milk, the child grew 13 inches and went to sleep satisfied. Then Indra said – “Mam Dhata”, meaning I am his mother. For this reason, the child was named “Mandhata”. Devraj Indra gave him this boon that he would become the Chakravarti king whose fame would spread far and wide.

Devraj Indra’s boon proved fruitful and Mandhata became one of the greatest emperors of the world. It is said that he ruled from sunrise to sunset every day during his lifetime. He performed 100 Ashwamedha and 100 Rajasu Yagyas and made a pile of goldfish 10 yojanas long and 1 yojana high and donated it to the Brahmins. After 44 generations from this Mandhata, Shri Ram was born in the Ikshvaku clan. A lot has been written about Mandhata in our Puranas, a detailed article about him will be published later.

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