How many types of Karma are there ?


While doing any work in life, people neither think much about the results they get nor what effect those deeds have on their destiny. All they care about is that when they do good deeds, they want their rewards quickly and when they do bad deeds, they want to forget them. But the way the impact of Karma is on our life has been explained in the scriptures, every person must consider it.

According to the scriptures, there are four means of doing karma but there are mainly three types of karma:

Sanchita Karma

Sanchit means ‘accumulated or collected’. That is, it is a ledger of the deeds of a soul that it has collected so far. A soul takes birth many times and has been taking birth for many centuries. In every birth, he must have done some good and some bad deeds. All those karmas together are called Sanchita Karmas. That is, Sanchit Karmas is a record of the deeds done by any soul in every birth. No human being is aware of these deeds of his. One can only be conscious of the karmas of the present birth but God knows these karmas and He also gives you the results accordingly.


Prarabdha Karma

Prarabdha means destiny and Prarabdha Karmas means destiny received based on karmas. The accumulated karmas of any human being is not lying in a store room gathering dust or no human being can get rid of it, but by extracting a little karma from it, the fate of your next birth is also decided based on that. And also what all you have to experience in this life. It is based on accumulated karma that it is decides what your family, life, and destiny will be like in this birth.

If there is more bad karmas in your accumulated karma, then you will get a painful life as a result and if there are good ones, then you will get a good family and a good life. Therefore, it is said that when luck is bad, luck cannot be blamed but it is the result of your bad karmas, that is, the karma that you have done in many previous lives. Your destiny is also determined by that and you have to suffer a small part of the accumulated karmas.

How many types of Karma are there ?

Kriyamaan Karma

Kriyamaan Karmas is the karmas that is being done or is being done by a human being in the present birth. Indeed, your destiny is largely based on your accumulated karma but it can be changed by Kriyamaan Karmas. Not only this, the good deeds done by a person in his active karma will also offset the bad deeds present in his accumulated karmas. Therefore, every person must focus on his deeds instead of cursing his fate now so that he can have a good life in the future. That is why Lord Shri Krishna has said that do your work and not worry about the results.

Sanchit Karma includes both good and bad deeds

Indeed, you cannot change your Sanchit Karmas but Sanchit Karmas includes both good and bad deeds and you have to suffer both by taking births again and again until the karmic account becomes zero. Only when it becomes void, the soul become free from the cycle of birth and death because it no longer has any karmas left to suffer. If you pay attention to your karma now, then the bad karma present in the accumulated karma will be reduced by the good karmas and your future birth will not only be higher but the soul will also move towards salvation. Therefore, while doing anything, definitely consider your actions.

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