Existence of extraterrestrials and Life in other worlds

Existence of extraterrestrials and Life in other worlds

Do you believe that there is life beyond Earth? Do you believe there are aliens? Have you ever seen movies or come across news of aliens’ existence. What do you think about Extraterrestrials?

You live in a huge universe. It would be wrong to assume that humans are central and there is nothing beyond human beings. You live in a universe of possibilities. It might be wrong to say that you are alone in the vast cosmos of Energy, Matter, Chemistry, and Physics.

Scientists looked for possibilities of extraterrestrials’ life on four locations in the solar system – Mars and three moons of the outer planets Titan, Europa, and Enceladus. Initially, they thought, Mars, is moon-like, full of caters, and arid. It is like a dead world. But, later, they found that Mars has all the ingredients necessary for life. It has water, organics and all the right condition. So, there is a possibility that life in other worlds exists.

What is UFO?

Flying Saucers

In the 1940s and 1950s reports of “flying saucers” seen often in the sky created fears of potential threats. Even the Hollywood movies like Earth Vs the Flying Saucers 

made in 1956 demonstrate these fears. The ideas about life on the Moon, the canals on Mars, and Martian civilization give strong ground for hopes and fears to the modern world. There is a fear that visitors from other worlds(extraterrestrials) would attack and destroy the human race. During the cold war era, the fear of the possibilities for destruction gave abundant reasons for anxieties about extra-terrestrials. The visions of flying saucers made the people believe that visitors from other worlds hide among humans in plain sight.

Fear of Extraterrestrials

Many comic books and television illustrate the possibility of Aliens and reflect the anxieties of the Cold war era. In 1956, the comic “There are Martians among us” explained the way fear of extra-terrestrial caused cold war anxieties. In the comic, there was an alien craft that landed on Earth and a search party gathered around that but found no sign of alien beings. Radio announcers warned the nearby people to remain indoors. But, there was a husband who prepared to leave home despite the warning to stay indoors. He left his wife at home and asked her to stay inside. When he returned home, finding the house empty he ran in a panic. Later, the twist that surfaced in the story was that the anxious husband revealed he and his wife were Martians. There was a shift in the perspective as the story showed humans as monsters.

The fear of aliens hidden amidst us echoes with the fear of Soviets and Communists from the McCarthy era.

Some evidence of life in other worlds (Extraterrestrials)

Life in other worlds

Research in the field of microbiology presented some evidence that the evolution of other intelligent species in the Milky Way was not entirely questionable. Scientists detected more than 4,000 extrasolar planets and expected underground water on Mars and some of the moons of the outer Solar System. This suggests further that there could be many worlds on which life and intelligent life rarely might arise.

Opinion on extraterrestrial intelligence

The opinion about the existence of extraterrestrial or intelligent beings is based on the principle of mediocrity which suggests that the evolution of the solar system is not uncommon. Astronomers believed that the processes on earth that led to life, could have happened throughout space. Astronomers also found several rocky Planets like Earth that have an atmosphere and oceans able to support life.

Searching for extra-terrestrial Intelligence

Existence of extraterrestrials and Life in other worlds

To find extraterrestrial intelligence it is important to search for electromagnetic signals. Radio or light signals may be radiated towards Earth from other worlds like the Earth leaks television and radar signals into space or as a deliberate beacon signal. Search for such signals is known as SETI. SETI carried out many experiments but found no confirmed extra-terrestrial signals.

In fiction, you will see that the detection of extraterrestrial or aliens is linked to having negative and psychological consequences. The search for life beyond earth is the most intriguing and at the same time vague. It is like a figment of imagination that better suits a storyline in sci-fi films. Some people believe in the research presented from time to time about the possibilities of aliens in other worlds. While others think of it as an ambiguous statement. Now, the question that surfaces in new research – are we too watched by the intelligent life outside earth just like we are watching for aliens in outer space?

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