Firstly we need to know what is the meaning of BHAKTI NIROOPANA YOGA. Bhakti Niroopana Yoga means Devotion to duplicate yoga. In simple words when an individual does yoga with devotion to connecting with the supreme power which is Parameshawara Shiva. When an individual does meditation or yoga to attain formless Parambharma Parameshwara shiva with his/her devotion this is called Bhakti Niroopana Yoga. There are many examples like Lord Krishna doing Bhakti Niroopana yoga for 7 Months at Badrigiri Hills to attain Parameshwara mercy and make him Happy. From Bhakti Niroopana Yoga Shri Krishna control the whole universe. The Punyas of your previous birth led to the devotion towards Parameshwara Shiva in this birth.



Kaivalya Padavi is cannot attain by common people by any kind of virtues or by performing any kind of penance and religious rites. But only through divine knowledge ( The Divya Gyana ), salvation ( Kaivalya Prapti ) can be achieved. The Divya Gyana means every knowledge regarding the Shiv Tatvaand the love from the core of the heart. In simple words full dedication towards Paramehwara Shiva, after this process, an individual is able to attain the Kaivalya Padavi.

In the olden days, whatever was told by Parameshwara Shiva to Rama was a divine secret, which when implemented in life would give salvation to human beings, That ”SHIVA GITA”was preached to Sanantkumara by Shanmukha.

Devotion for Parama Shiva doesn’t take birth in anyone, due to God’s devotion to Shiva doesn’t remain constant. In the case with a lot of effort if someone manages to gain devotion for Bhagwaan Shiva, Love for Bhagwaan Shiva emerges out of the devotion. One who is devoted to Parmashiva with veneration, or devoted to him without doing any sins in their daily lives .one who dedicates shiva the Bilva leaves, or water with full devotion, with him lord would be so pleased that he can bestow the devotees the empire of the worlds. (Such a kind-hearted Lord is our Lord Shiva ) .

Lord Shankara who is all auspicious for all the worlds, would appear in front of devotees all and would give Salvation. when lord Rama was broken from the inside and then he worshipped Lors Shuva and get motivated to get his wife Sita back from Ravana

Har Har Mahadeva.

Namah Shivaya.

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