There are four periods or standards of living according to which you need to evolve. These standards of living are called ASHRAMAS in India and mean: mode of existence, stages of life on the path of realization i.e. to progress according to the following stages:


Brahmacharya means life devoted to divine affairs (studies, prayers, etc. ). The brahmacharya takes the vow of celibacy and abstinence from all pleasure.


Grihastha is the time of the head of the family; this stage refers not only to the behavior of the couple but also to the Initiation of the woman and the teaching of the children (understood in the philosophical sense). It’s the ceremonial period: the consecrations on the family Altar, the blessings, and the various rituals.



Vanaprastha corresponds to the stage during which man retreats to the forest (or another solitary place) to study the Scriptures and to yield himself to meditation.


Sannyasa is the renunciation of hope of reward; in this latter period it is not a cessation of outward activities, but an internal state of mind of detachment to the fruits of action. The practice of SANNYASA is undertaken when the candidate feels capable of the complete sacrifice of worldly and social things.
The SANNYASIN is therefore a hermit who, without possessing anything, is wandering from one place to another making pilgrimage.


Role of Yoga

In these different stages towards the final realization, Yoga plays its role. Because every fulfillment on the path of perfection is Yoga. Its delimitators, whom we can call technicians, have given in very different ways, four Yoga classifications:

  • HATHA-YOGA: Union by force (that is the physical aspect).
  • MANTRA-YOGA: Union through the Verb (prayers, invocations).
  • RAJA- YOGA: Royal union (synthetic principle).
  • LAYA-YOGA: Union by dissolution (Adhimuttikalakiriya- voluntary death privilege of the bodhisattvas)

Of this fact, the yogas have prevailed, for as long as there are two parts of a single thing. There is no reason not to add a subdivision, and it is precisely what has been produced in the case of KUNDALINI-YOGA, KARMA-YOGA, KRIYA-YOGA, and a multitude of more yogas.
According to the different manifestations of human inspiration; the error consists mostly in the dogma that has been added to each branch instead of unifying control of the inclinations of the conscious through a doctrine. As I see it with YOGISM and recognize that all of it constitutes necessarily accomplishments in metaphysics. There should be ONLY ONE TRUE EXPERIENCE!


Whatever the REALITY, the final state must be the same for all. Hence I imagine climbers who by various trails climb a mountain towards a common goal: the top very well, but although these trails are different for each expedition all of them follow the same procedure to climb the mountain: slow and measured steps, ropes, backpack on your back with travel supplies, commute breaks, camping, etc…. In the ascent to the top of perfection, the same process must also be followed, albeit with the different characteristics of the different paths.

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