Wolfman – Origin, History and Mystry


In this article, we will talk about who is Wolfman ? You must have heard the name of the wolfwares. But do you know that wolf is also human? Even if the wolf is not human now, it must have existed once. Now the wolf man is left only inside the stories and imaginations. Friends, if you have seen a Hollywood movie, then you must have also seen the wolf man. In that, how do wolves create human mischief? Even in real life, wolf humans used to be of the same type.

Appearance of Wolf mans

Let us tell you that wolf-human is a mixture of both wolf and human. His whole body is like a wolf. But he can walk like both a human and a wolf. Apart from this, the symptoms of humans are seen to some extent from the face. But he doesn’t know the human language and eats meat. Like other wolves, he also likes to hunt very much. But on the contrary, it has been said in many stories inside London and America that the wolf can speak human language.

This means wolves are like human beings. But complete information about them is not available. Like whether a wolf has extra paranormal power inside humans or not? Or they are just some special wolves separated from common wolves?

Some special features of a wolfman

It is believed that wolves used to be human beings, which used to get the ability to change inside the wolf. It is mentioned in ancient Greek literature and mythology. Herodotus wrote in his history that he told about a tribe called Neuri, which is located in the northeast of Scythia, which used to turn inside the wolf once every year. And later they used to become human again. Similarly, in the 2nd century BCE, the Greek geographer Pausanias also mentions a child named Lycaon ehich could turn inside the wolf.


Meat-eating wolfman

Friends, if we take a look at the ancient stories and incidents, then it comes out that the wolf was very fond of human flesh. Inside the Metamorphoses, there is a mention of the story of such men who were human wolves. They roamed inside the forest and used to eat meat. Pliny the Elder is also associated with wolves. According to one story, a person used to take off his clothes and hang them on a tree and walk around the Arcadian lake by himself. He was not allowed to attack any human for 5 years. Pliny tells Agrippus of a man who turned into a wolf to taste the flesh of a human body.

Psychopath knew as wolfman

Friends, around 1500 AD, people did not have any special knowledge about psychology and psychiatry. Because of this, those who used to catch humans cut them and eat their flesh. Often such people were known by the name of wolf man. And they were also given death sentences. Friends, in ancient times, some people used to wear the skin of wolves as well. Seeing whom it could be easily understood that he is a wolf-human. The Allhednar were berserkers fighters, although they wore wolf’s clothing instead of wolves. Similarly, in ancient times you will find many pictures of warriors dressed in wolf skins. It seems that these people used to do this to improve their performance.

Real incidents of wolfman sightings

There are many such real incidents related to it. Inside which the wolf has been used to see humans. By the way, it is not known how true these incidents are, how many more are false? But you must read these incidents at least once for the thrill of it.

1. Wolf human

Once in the 16th century, a proclamation was publicly read inside the city of Dol that this man-wolf who was terrorizing the people should be put to an end. Once when some people were passing inside the forest, they heard the cry of a girl child, they went inside the forest and saw that a wolf was eating a girl child. People could not save the girl child from that wolf man. After that, a 10-year-old boy went missing around Garnier’s house. The police suspected Garnier and took him away. And he also confessed that the wolf was human. Although later people burnt this wolfman alive. This type of description is also available on Wikipedia.

2. Greifswald

According to some old records, within 1640 AD, the German city became much more troubled by wolves than humans. Their number became so high that if a human came out of the house at night, they used to eat him. But after some time the German students decided that they would put an end to all this. After that, they collected many weapons and then went out to attack those wolf humans. Then what. Most of the wolves were killed. After that, they could go out again inside the night.

3. Anschbach

In 1685, the Bavarian town of Ans was plagued by wolves. Rumors circulated that the wolf was the town’s mayor. When people killed that wolf, they found it right that he was a human. The wolf-man was later displayed inside the town square.

4. Pavia

In 1541, an Italian farmer was caught in the form of a wolf in Pavia. He had cut many people into pieces. After a lot of effort, that lunatic was caught. And he was put in jail. After examining his body hair, it is found that he has become a full-fledged werewolf. He did not like to eat anything except meat. Later he was sentenced to death.

5. Demon Tailor

This demon tailor was quite fearsome. It was presented inside a court in Paris on 14 December 1598 AD. Where he was sentenced to death and all the documents related to him were ordered to be destroyed by the court. Apart from this, his real name was also hidden. It is said about the demon tailor wolf that he makes children his prey and then takes them to his shop and commits misdeeds, then strangles them to death. In the end, his flesh was eaten by cutting them into pieces.

He used to roam inside the forest too. Jumping on passers-by, he used to kill them and also used to eat their flesh. After all, he was a complete werewolf. His nails were also like those of a wolf.

6. Claudia Gaillard

Claudia Gaillard was a spirit brought to trial by Henri Boguet. Once people had seen him turning into a wolf without a tail behind a tree. After that, that soul was punished through a Tantrik.

7. Jean Boin

In 1521, a curious Jean Boin taught Philibert, Pierre Bourget, and Michel Verdun a special method by which they could transform from human form into a wolf. These three people used to work under a plan. Once when a person was passing through their territory, both the man-wolves attacked that person. After that, he somehow saved his life. And ran away from there. Wolves were also injured in this fight. After that when he reached inside his house, he found resident Verdun who was washing his wounds. After that, the person informed the police considering this to be common. When the police investigated, the names of all three came and later all three accepted that they used to take the form of wolf humans and used to attack humans and eat their flesh. After that, all three of them were killed immediately.

All this stories are very famous in foreign countries specially America and Spain , but god knows how much true are these ? Still the mysteries are unsolved.

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