Wives and son of Danveer Karna


Who doesn’t know about Mahabharat war which took place in Dwapar Yug with the time of Shri Krishna. During the Mahabharata war that took place in the Dwapar era, there were many such characters who left their mark on the pages of history, while the Mahabharata, the scripture of Sanatan Dharma, describes every character involved in this war. The one about whom we are going to talk to you today is that of Karna, known as Danveer.

How Karna become Sut?

According to religious legends, the sons belonged to Kunti, he was born before her marriage by boon of Suryadev, but they were actually brought up by Adhiratha and Radha. According to the description related to this in the scriptures, Kunti had drowned her child i.e. Karna in the Ganges, after which he reached the bank where Adhiratha was watering his horse. When his eyes fell on this child, he immediately picked him up and brought him home and gave him to his wife. Radha nurtured him like her own son. Since this child had very beautiful ears, he was named Karna.


First wife and son of Karna

Due to the upbringing of him by the Sut couple, Karna came to be known as the son of Sut. According to legends, Vrushali and Supriya were the two wives of Karna. According to beliefs, both were very beautiful in appearance. The name of the first wife of King Karna of ‘Anga’ country was Vrushali. From which Karna got 5 sons named Vrishsen, Sushen, Sudama, Dwipat and Vrishket. Such stories are prevalent that Vrushali was the sister of Satyasen, the charioteer of Duryodhana’s chariot.

After the death of Karna, Vrushali had taken samadhi on the funeral pyre of her husband. Because she was a very virtuous and pious woman. In the context of Vrushali, it is believed that he also advised Draupadi to leave the palace and go to her father or brother. But Draupadi did not listen to his advice. A few days later, Draupadi was dismembered by the Kauravas in a public meeting.

Karna’s 2nd wife and children

Talking about Karna’s second wife, Supriya was a good friend of Duryodhana’s wife Bhanumati. Karna had 4 sons named and Chitrasen, Susharma, Prasen, Bhanusen, from his second wife Supriya. According to beliefs, Supriya was also known as Padmavati and Punnuruvi.

All the sons of Karna participated in the war of Mahabharata, out of which 8 died. Prasena was killed by Satyaki, Shatrunjaya, Vrishasena and Dwipat by Arjuna, Banasena by Bhima, Chitrasena, Satyasena and Susena by Nakula.

The only son who remained alived after war

Vrishketu was the only son who survived. After the war of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas came to know that Karna was their eldest son, then they handed over the throne of Indraprastha to Vrishketu, the living son of Karna. Vrishketu also fought many battles under Arjuna’s protection.

Why Krishna done last rites of Karnan ?

When Karna was on his deathbed, Krishna came to him to test his philanthropy. Karna told Krishna that he had nothing to give. In such a situation, Krishna asked him for his gold tooth. Karna picked up the stone lying near him and broke his tooth from it and gave it to Krishna. Karna once again proved his philanthropy, which greatly impressed Krishna. Krishna told Karna that he could ask for any boon from him.

Karna told Krishna that being a poor Suta son, he had been cheated a lot. The next time Krishna comes to earth, he should try to improve the lives of the backward class people. With this Karna asked for two more boons.

As a second boon, Karna asked that Krishna should be born in his kingdom in the next life, and in the third boon, he asked Krishna that his last rites should be performed at a place where there is no sin. There is no such place on the whole earth. Because of this, Krishna performed the last rites of Karna on his own hands. In this way, after the death of Danveer Karna, Sakshat Vaikunth Dham was attained.

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