Why You Should Not Eat Rice On Ekadashi


Ekadashi Tithi is considered especially fruitful in Hindu Religion. It is believed that the person who fasts on this day gets all his wishes fulfilled. At the same time, According to the rules written in the scriptures, eating rice is prohibited on this day.

We have been hearing this since ancient times that rice and anything made from it is not eaten on the day of Ekadashi. But many people don’t know what is the truth behind it. Whenever we hear that today is Ekadashi and today rice is not eaten, then there is only one thing in our mind come why is it so? Do you know what is the secret behind it?

Importance of Ekadashi Fast

According to the Padma Purana, on the day of Ekadashi, the incarnations of Lord V ishnu are worshiped with rituals. It is believed that one attains salvation by worshiping with a true heart on this day. Also, donating on this day gives virtue equal to thousands of Yagyas. Many devotees keep no water fast on this day.


Those who are unable to keep fast on this day. Those who cannot fast on this day should follow Satvik Food on this day, i.e. do not eat garlic, onion, meat, fish, or egg on this day and give up lying, cheating, etc. Also, rice and anything made from it should not be eaten on this day.

Why is it forbidden to eat rice on Ekadashi?

In the scriptures, rice is related to water, and water is related to the moon. The mind alone has authority over the five senses of knowledge and the five senses of action. Moon is also the master of mind and white color, which itself is the factor of water, juice, and emotion, that is why the people of the water element zodiac are emotional and often get cheated.

The lesser the quantity of water in the body on the day of Ekadashi, the more Sattvikta there will be in completing the fast. In ancient times, Devarshi Narad attained devotion to Narayan by fasting on Ekadashi without water for one thousand years. This is the best fast for Vaishnav. Moon should not be able to make the mind more active, so fasting people refrain from eating rice on this day.

Why You Should Not Eat Rice On Ekadashi

Why We Should not Eat Rice On Ekadashi

There is also a legend story in the scriptures related to this. According to this, while running away from the anger of Maa Shakti, Maharishi Medha left her body with his yoga power, and her Medha got absorbed in the earth. The same Medha was born in the form of barley and rice.

It is believed that the day this incident happened was Ekadashi Day. This barley and rice is the medha power of Maharishi, who are living beings. Eating rice on Ekadashi is considered like eating small pieces of flesh of Maharishi Medha’s body. That is why from that day barley and rice are considered living beings on Ekadashi.

Scientific Fact

There is also a scientific fact behind not eating rice on Ekadashi. According to this, the amount of water in rice is more. Moon has more effect on water. Eating rice increases the amount of water in the body, due to which the mind becomes distracted and fickle. Due to the fickleness of the mind, there is an obstacle to following the rules of the fast.
In Ekadashi fasting, control of the mind, and observance of Saatvik bhava are very important. Therefore eating things made of rice on the day of Ekadashi is said to be prohibited.

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