Why worship of Lord Brahma is not popular?


In Sanatan Dharma, worship of Lord Brahma is not as prevalent as that of other gods and goddesses, but in abstract worship, Brahma is worshiped everywhere and in all types of Sarvatobhadra, Lingtobhadra, and Vastu, etc., he is worshiped in the main place. As far as temples are concerned, their worship in the form of temples is seen mainly in Pushkar-kshetra and Brahmavarta-kshetra.

Lord Brahma is not worshipped all over India

By the way, at places of historical importance, their murals and statues are found everywhere, which shows that at some point in time, the worship of Brahma ji must have been as prevalent as that of other gods and goddesses.

Acharya Lord Brahma is considered to be the progenitor of Madhvasampradaya, which has many names like discrimination, independence, independence, and dualism, which is why there is a tradition of worshiping him with great respect in Udupi, etc. Widespread worship of Lord Brahma is not seen from village to village and city to city, like that of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Hanuman ji, etc. Although many reasons and narratives are also found in its origin, the main story comes in the Srishtikhand of Padmapurana.

Story behind it

According to that legend, once all the deities were present in the Mahayagya of Pushkar area and after worshiping all, the preparations for the Havan started, by that time all the gods’ wives had also appeared, but Saraswati, the wife of Brahma, she kept on delaying even after being called by the goddesses, then seeing the delay in starting the yagya because there was no law for the yagya without a wife, the gods made Brahmani for some time to a girl named Savitri, who was full of all the good qualities, sit on the left side of Brahma ji.

Devi Saraswati cursed him

After some time, when Saraswati ji reached there, seeing all this, she became very angry and cursed the deities to be childless because of acting without thinking and cursed Brahma ji for not being worshiped in his form, also not to get idols in temples, etc. except in some areas like Pushkar, etc.

Only worshipped in Pushkar temple

Therefore, their idols made of stone, etc. are often not seen elsewhere except Pushkar where the incident happened , but in mantra, meditation, and Yagyadi, they are given the same respect, after respectful appeal-worship, sacrifices are offered to them, praise-worship is also done, and most prestigious form in Sarvatobhadradi Chakras. In the middle of Sarvatobhadrachakra, they are invoked and worshiped in the Karnika of Ashtadal Kamal, Yatha Madhye Karnikaya Brahmanam. ‘Brahma Gyanam’ is his main mantra.

‘O Brahmana Namah’ is also worshiped with this name mantra. ‘Kushbrahma’ is also established in Varunakalasha. In the penance of deities and asuras, Brahma ji is mostly worshipped. Viprachitti, Taraka, Hiranyakashipu, Ravana, Gajasur and Tripura etc. Asuras were almost made unobtainable by them by giving boons and the deities, sages, sages, Gandharva, Kinkar and Vidyadhargan keep on worshiping them.

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