Why the door of Konark Sun Temple has not been opened?


Friends, today we are going to reveal the entire truth and mystery of Konark Sun Temple, where like twenty-four hours of the time cycle, there are twenty-four wheels, which tell the exact time of hour and minute by the rays of the sun. Once upon a time, with the help of 52 metric tonnes of magnetic stone, the grand statue of the Sun God used to swing in the air. How was that grand temple built and what is the reason that worship is not done there till today even after 120 years? And due to whom the temple was damaged? You will know the complete mystery through this article.

Complete History of Konark Sun Temple

According to Bhavishya Purana and Samba Purana, apart from this temple, there was another Sun temple in that area which is described to have been seen before the 9th century. According to the Hindu scripture Samba, son of Lord Krishna and Jamvanti, is cursed with leprosy. To get rid of this, sage Katak advised Samba to do penance to the Sun God.

Samba did penance

After which Samba did penance for about 12 years in the Mitra forest situated on the banks of river Chandrabhaga, due to which the Sun God was pleased and freed Samba from leprosy. After being cured of the disease, Samba, while taking a bath in the Chandrabhaga river, finds an idol of the Sun God, which was created by Lord Vishwakarma from the part of the Sun God. Samba installed the idol of the Sun God in the Mitra forest, and since then this place has been considered holy. After which, between 1253 and 1260 AD, King Narasimha Dev of the Ganga dynasty built a grand temple. Those who see its texture even today, just keep looking at this grand temple.

Why is worship not done in Konark Sun Temple?

Looking at Indian history, it is known that King Narasimha I had appointed 1200 craftsmen for the construction work of this temple. Which was to be built under the direction of the architect Maharana Bisu. King Narasimha had fixed the time of 12 years for the construction work of the temple, which the work of the temple was to be completed within this fixed time of 12 years, otherwise, the king would give the death penalty to all the craftsmen.


Time went but Temple was not complete

The construction work of the temple was started, the construction work of the temple was being done surely, the time passed, the construction work of the temple was almost completed, and only the work of the main stone of the temple was left. There were still 6 months to complete the 12 years, and the work of the main stone of the temple was in progress, time passed, and now the work of establishing the main stone of the temple was to be done. But even after many efforts, all the craftsmen were not able to establish the main rock of the temple stable, Slowly the time started coming closer, and all the craftsmen and Maharana Bisu were in deep thought.

Bisu’s dilema

Then Maharana Bisu’s son comes there. The boy asks the reason for the worry of his father and the rest of the people, on which Maharana Bisu’s son narrates all the troubles, The boy asks everyone to do the work as per his instructions, as per the boy’s instructions, the main stone of the temple is removed. The installation work was done successfully. The construction work of the temple was completed. All the craftsmen were very happy.

Unholy Konark ?

But Maharana Bisu was still worried. Maharana Bisu was afraid that when the king came to know that all the craftsmen had to take the help of a 12-year-old boy to stabilize the main stone of the temple, then the king would kill all the 1200 craftsmen and will give the death penalty too. The anxious Maharana Bisu commits suicide by jumping into the Chandrabhaga River from the top of the temple. Due to the incident of the suicide of Maharana Bisu, the chief architect of the temple, all the people of the city started calling this huge magnificent temple unholy and since then till now the worship of Konark Sun God has not been done in the temple.

Interesting and unsolved mysteries of Konark Temple

History informs that the sea and the river used to meet near the temple, it is also confirmed that there was a Konorko salt port near the temple. The temple is built in the style of Kalinga architecture, the temple is constructed in such a way that the cycle in the huge wheel in the temple gives accurate predictions of every movement of the sun. It is believed that during the construction of the temple, an iron plate was placed between each of the two stones. The construction of the temple has been done in the same type of centstone granite stone.

The construction of the Konark Sun Temple has been built completely dedicated to Lord Surya, The temple displays the imaginary chariot of Lord Surya, which has a total of twenty-four wheels and eight horses. The size of each of the wheels made in the temple is 10 feet in diameter, the wheels are constructed in such a way that they tell the correct forecast of time.

Interesting facts of temple

52 metric tons of magnetic stone was placed on top of the temple’s main rock, which did the main work in maintaining the strength of the temple. The grand idol of the Sun God installed in the temple was made of about 8 metals, which used to swing in the air due to the magnetized stone installed in the temple.

The temple was constructed in such a way that the sun’s rays first entered the temple directly from the gate of the main temple of the Sun God, passing through the nut temple made in the pollination of the temple, which can be seen even today.

What is the reason for the damage to the Konark temple?

Many facts come to the fore behind the destruction of the temple, the main one is Suleman Khan Karrani, the Sultan of Bengal. It is said that Sulaiman Khan Karrani was destroying all the Hindu temples of India around 1508, including the Sun Temple of Konark. Suleman Khan Karrani, who was known as Kala Pahad or Kali Pahari, knew the whole secret of the construction of the Sun Temple, so he had removed the magnetized stone in the main rock of the temple, due to which the temple itself began to collapse.

After some time it was rebuilt by the Hindu kings, but the 52 metric-ton magnetic stone in the temple was broken into two parts, one piece of which was missing. Due to this, only half the piece was put on the rock of the temple. The balance of the ships passing in the sea was upset due to half a piece of magnetized stone attached to the temple and they were drowning in the sea. Keeping in mind the incidents, the Portuguese traders of that time took out that magnetic stone.

How was the Konark Sun Temple discovered?

Indian history shows that after that Kalinga (Orissa) was under the control of Muslims, fearing that Pandits hid all the idols along with the temple in the sand and took the grand idol of the Sun Temple with them.

It is said that after hiding the temple in the sand, this place had turned into a mound and forest, but around the year 1900, when English officer Lord Corazon reached Orissa in search of business, he found a 300-year-old temple at this place. The secret of the existence of the temple was revealed, when Lord Curzon, under the direction of other British explorer officers, took out the temple from the sand and sand, then all the British officers were shocked to see the 229-foot huge temple.

As the sand around the temple were being removed, parts of the artwork related to the temple were being found, after the sand and sand were completely removed, the area of the temple was 857 feet in length and 540 feet. The fit was wide. Seeing the grandeur of the temple, the British got the temple repaired. However, due to the continuous disappearance of the remains of the temple and damage to the temple due to natural calamities, Governor John Edward closed the main Konark Sun Temple with all the doors from all four sides, so that the temple would be safe. And still it never reopened.

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