Why Rishi Kashyap cursed Lord Shiva ?


There are many stories about other people and even their families becoming victims of Lord Shiva’s wrath, but there is a very relevant story in which someone has cursed Devadhidev Mahadev and his family has become the victim of his wrath. Today we are telling you one such story in which not only was he was cursed but his son had to suffer the consequences. Rishi Kashyap cursed Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha has to suffer the result.

Know the story of Brahmavaivarta Purana

According to Brahmavaivartapuran, once Narad ji came to Shri Hari Narayan in a very curious state and said in a polite voice, O Lord, although you have already understood my mental state. Still I want to know from you that Lord Shankar is the one who is suffering. He is the one who removes the sufferings of the world. Why did he cut off the head of his son Ganeshji?


Sri Hari narrated the story

On this Shri Hari Vishnu said, listen Narad. Let me tell you an ancient story for this. Lord Shiva is considered an angry god as well as a generous god. Whoever takes refuge in him gets protection. Similarly, his two devotees the demons Mali and Sumali also reached him with their request for shelter. He was suffering from severe physical pain because the Sun God was not blessing him.

Lord Shiva got cursed by Kashyap Rishi

When Lord Shiva heard his plight, he became extremely angry and in anger. He attacked the Sun God with his trident. Suryadev could not bear the blow of Bholenath and fell from the chariot became unconscious and died. As soon as he fell, the entire creation was plunged into darkness. Seeing his son in this condition, father Kashyap Rishi got furious and went to Lord Shiva. And in a fit of rage, he cursed Lord Shiva. He said that the way he is crying today over his son’s condition, one day he too will have to feel sad over his son’s death.

Lord Surya regained his life

When Lord Shiva’s anger subsided, he saw that there was darkness in the entire creation. Then he decided to sacrifice his life to the Sun God. But when he came to know about the curse of Rishi Kashyap, he decided to abandon his family. On the great request of Lord Brahma, Rishi Kashyap reconsidered his curse. He said that Lord Shiva’s son would be killed by his own hands but like his son, he would get life.

How did the curse of Rishi Kashyap come to fruition?

It was the effect of the curse of Rishi Kashyap that Lord Shiva, in anger, severed the head of his son Ganesha. When Goddess Parvati saw this, she became very angry. Lord Shiva also felt very sad for killing his son when Ganeshji was not insulting him but was obeying his mother’s orders. Then all the gods together requested Lord Shiva to revive the child because due to the anger of Mother Parvati, there was chaos in the entire creation. Then, on the advice of Lord Shankar, Lord Vishnu cut off the head of an elephant placed that head on the torso of the boy, and brought him back to life. Since then Lord Ganesha’s name became Gajanan.

Worship of Sun god

Lord Brahma explained the importance of worshiping the Sun to the demons Mali and Sumali for freedom from suffering. Then Mali-Sumali worshiped the Sun God as per the instructions of Lord Brahma. And being pleased with their worship, the Sun God put an end to all their physical problems.

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