Why is oil offered to Shani Dev?


Since childhood, we all have come to see a practice in our homes. To offer oil to Shani Dev every Saturday and to see your face in that oil. As we see that the things we follow related to the big religion of the house are mentioned in the Shastras and Puranas. According to the Puranas, what is the importance of offering oil to Shani Dev? After all, why is oil offered to Shanidev? And what is the significance of seeing your face in this oil? There are two stories about offering oil to Shani Dev.

Proud of Shanidev

According to a legend, Shanidev had become very proud of his power and might. In that period itself, the bravery and strength of Ram devotee Bajrang Bali were discussed everywhere. When Shanidev came to know about this, he went out to fight with Hanuman Ji, there he saw that Hanuman Ji was sitting in solitude and was engrossed in the devotion of Shri Ram. Shani Dev challenged Hanuman ji to a war.


Hanuman ji explained that he is currently meditating on his Lord Shri Ram. Hanuman ji asked Shani Dev to leave. But Shanidev kept challenging him for war and Hanuman ji did not agree even after a lot of persuasion and insisted on fighting the war, then Hanuman ji explained again that it is time for me to circumambulate Ramsetu, please leave here. Go away

Hanumanji and Shani’s fight

On Shani Dev’s disobedience, Hanuman ji wrapped Shanidev in his tail and started parikrama. Shani Dev’s whole body was being rubbed by the earth and the rocks that came on the way and wounds were caused in the whole body. Blood started coming out of his body and there was a lot of pain. Then Shani Dev apologized to Hanuman ji and said I have got the result of my arrogance. Please set me free.

Then Hanuman ji said that if you promise that you will not have any side effect on the horoscope of my devotees, then I can free you. Shanidev promised that I will never have any side effects on your devotees. Then Hanuman ji freed Shani Dev and applied oil on his injured body, which gave relief to Shanidev in pain. Shanidev said that the person who will offer oil to me, his life will be prosperous and he will not face any trouble because of me. And since then the tradition of offering oil to Shani Dev started.

Ravana and Shani Dev

According to another legend, Ravana once made all the planets sit in their respective zodiac signs, but Shani Dev refused to listen to Ravana, so Ravana hanged him upside down. When Hanuman ji reached Lanka, Ravana set his tail on fire, Hanuman ji burnt the whole of Lanka. All the captive planets ran away but Shandev could not run away due to hanging upside down.

Shani Dev’s body was suffering a lot, then Hanuman ji applied oil to Shani Dev, due to which the pain of Shanidev reduced a bit. After which Shanidev said that from today I will take away the pain of all the people who offer oil to me. Since then, oil was offered to Shani Dev. While giving oil to Shani Dev, seeing his face in that oil gets freedom from Shani’s defects and brings prosperity.

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