Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?


I know you might be thinking about how urine can be pure first of all! But this isn’t the case here. Did you know that In Hinduism, Cow Urine is considered very pure and there are so many benefits as to why it is used? In this article, you will understand this belief well. Don’t miss this till the end.

If you think there are only two options you can use a cow – by eating it or by doing pooja. But in reality, Cow’s are just beyond everything. Cow is Just a living form of God and you will know more.

What Does Cow Urine Comprise of ?

Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

Cow urine consists of water, urea, salts, minerals, hormones, enzymes, iron, calcium, phosphorus, salts, carbonic acid, potash, nitrogen, ammonia, manganese, sulfur, phosphate, potassium and so many more! All these are definitely needed for the body and are very vital building blocks. So it isn’t something gross when you tell Cow urine until next time. Now, How do we consume all this? we will be covering the article further.

Cow, The Kamdhenu

The cow is associated with us humans always holds a Devine place as per Vedas and Puranas. Considered holy, worshipped, and believed to fulfill our wishes and hence called the Kamdhenu.

  • GowPooja is an important ritual performed by Hindus. Bringing a cow inside a newly built house and performing GowPooja has been an important ritual followed during the house warming ceremony. It is considered that all the gods and goddess reside inside the cow.
Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

As part of Shri Vishnu Dasharatha’s story, Kamdhenu, a supernatural cow along with the other supernatural animals arrived from the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras. The Pure cow would definitely be having urine so Pure! Don’t you think?

A shocking story which happened in the cow shed…

Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

Man in a village reports that his whole family got covid during the pandemic, But He didn’t wear any masks, didn’t show any symptoms of the corona. How was it possible? You wouldn’t believe it but it’s because the man works in a Goushala or a Cow Shed. Further research shows that the Cow dung and urinals purify the air, making the supply of oxygen more as well as making a viral-free environment. This is very peculiar, right? You can get to know this happens due to purity. The cow urine is also said to cure many diseases, viruses like covid and others.

Cow Urine as a Medication to help treating Cancer patients.

Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

Every year American’s come to India to yield cow urine to use as a medication for cancer patients. How effective would the treatment be if they need from India? why do they do this is because the benefits of cow urine are written in our Indian ancient ayurvedic texts.


Panchagavya is a mixture that is prepared by mixing five ingredients. The three direct constituents are cow dung, urine, and milk; with the two derived products being curd and ghee. These are mixed in the proper ratio and then allowed to ferment. The Sanskrit word Panchagavya means “five cow-derivatives”. When used in Ayurvedic medicine, it is also called Cowpathy.

Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

Where is Panchagavya given?

Panchagavya is given in purification after death, before pooja, made with all the elements of the cow you know how pure it actually is to take in our body as a teerth.

In Ayurvedic texts Cow urine is referred to as ” Amrith” the nectar of eternity.

Cow Urine Used In House warming ceremonies:

Why Is Cow Urine Considered Pure?

You might have noticed during your house warming or “Grahapravesh” that the priest sprinkles water around your home. Do you know that its Gaumutra? Yes, Its done for shuddi or purification of home away from negativity. This makes sure that your home remains cleanse from the impurities from out.

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