Why Do We Worship The Peepal Tree? and Significance?

Why Do We Worship The Peepal Tree? and Significance?

You might have noticed there are Peepal Tree and Banyan trees outside the temple. Have you wondered, why Out of so many trees, these are worshipped?

The Peepal tree also called Bodhi Tree. Ashvattha Tree is considered sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Significance of Peepal Tree:

Why Do We Worship The Peepal Tree? and Significance?

According to Hindu culture importance of worshiping this tree is as below,

  • In Many Puranas, Peepal trees are regarded as God. In Skanda Purana, it’s the adobe of all the Gods. Vishnu resides in the root, Keshav in the Stem, Narayan in branches, and Hari in Leaves and the fruit bears all the Gods.

The entire tree is compared to God. The description of which we get to see in Bhagavad Gita. Brahma resides in roots, Vishnu in the stem, and Shiva on top, that is why in Hinduism we bow down in Infront of these.

  • Padma Purana says doing worship and parikrama and giving water to this tree, gets rid of all sins and one goes to heaven.

Krishna says to arjuna, ‘Oh Partha’ I am the peepal among the tree, Narada among the sages Chitraaratha among the Gandharvas, And sage Kapila among the Siddhas.”

Bhagavad Gita

Importance of Peepal Tree:

Worshiping this tree is considered equivalent to worshipping 3 crore gods and has the ability free you from all sins.

Why Do We Worship The Peepal Tree? and Significance?

On the day of Somvati Amavasya (Amavasya falling on Monday), people do the Pooja and offer parikrama to this tree. This Tree is the abode of ancestors, the practice of mundan (tonsure of head) is done under this tree for a long time. As per Hindu mythology, the Peepal tree sheltered Sita. Hanuman sat on this tree while observing all the miseries of Sita and hence this tree has a special place in his heart. Goddess Lakshmi also inhabits the tree on Saturdays and therefore, is considered auspicious to worship this tree on this day.

Shani sade Sathe

we notice people worship this tree on Saturday only. Shani and peepal have relation, to avoid the ill effect of Shani one should do Parikrama 7 times every sat by giving water, Shani dosha is reduces

Offering water to root on Saturday and lighting a lamp helps one to get rid of all problems. According to Krishna the shadow of Shani stays on it and its shadow is considered to be best for Havana, yagna, worship, etc.

Married women tie thread especially on the Vat Savitri puja around the Peepal tree 108 times. As Peepal is symbolic of good health and long life, women by walking around the tree 108 times, contemplate on these matters, and pray for their husbands. A single thread may be weak, but, when it is wound 108 times around the trunk, it becomes strong. It is no longer so fragile and no longer easy to break.

More about Peepal Tree

  • It is also believed that cutting this tree is a sin. Sleeping under this tree at night is considered inauspicious, but living near it increases vitality. Its shadow remains cool in summer and warm in winter due to which this tree should not be cut according to astrology.
  • This tree has many medicinal values and cures many diseases.
  • It has importance in Ayurveda Due to medicinal properties tree has also called kalpa vriksha,
  • A tree whose all elements like bark, fruit, seeds, leaves etc are used in treatment of all kinds of disease
  • A healthy environment rich in oxygen is created in shade of this tree. Scientifically the only tree which release oxygen 24 hours a day.

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