Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?

Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?

You must have definitely seen milk being poured in the temple or at your Homes. So, have you wondered why is milk offered to a Shivling? is it dear to Shiva? or is there any sign of doing so. In this Generation, people think offering milk is a wastage. Why not give the same amount of milk to the poor and free their hunger? But the fact is that offering milk to Shiva is equivalent to distributing milk to the poor.

Let’s now unroll the article to gain some knowledge about why milk is offered to Mahadev.

Firstly, What is A Shivling?

Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?

A Shivling in general symbolizes the union of mind and soul. All of existence, all creativity, and fertility at every cosmic level. The Shivling is a short cylindrical pillar-like symbol of Shiva, made of stone, metal, gem, wood, clay, or disposable material. Many theories say that the cylinder part represents the male intimate organ, while Ling’s base represents females. This is false information. How could God himself turn into those figures?

Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?

But rather the story goes on by Shiva turning himself into a Shivling and appearing before Lord Bramha and Vishnu to stop their fight. Look at the strength of the Shivling to stop two great forces, How powerful it could be to stop two great Gods to stop the mishaps.


The cylindrical part of the Shivling has the top part circular or round which doesn’t have a beginning or end. Similarly, even God doesn’t have a beginning or end. Let us take an example saying now if I need to make a sound, I need me and the power of my speech acting. Similarly, Shivling is when the top part and the bottom powerful meet, representing the meeting of Shiva and His powerful Parvathi. It creates the whole world, it is the Cosmos. Hence when you offer water to the Shivling, you offer it to the whole world.

Why Should I Offer Milk To The Shivling?

Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?

It is said that Lord Shiva favors people who do Rudra Abhishek. And A Rudra Abhishek is completed only after milk is offered to A Shivling. Many people decorate the Ling with flowers, supari, ghee, Sindoor, and Shiva’s Favorite Bilvapatre or – Bil paan. But the importance of Milk is something very necessary to know.

According to the Scriptures, Lord Shiva Adorns a moon ( Chandrama) on his forehead as we will all know. When we offer milk to the Shivling, the Moon becomes stronger and shines brighter as the color of milk is linked to the Moon and ultimately enhances, In the next subtopic you will know the actual reason as to why such offering is made. As I’ve mentioned previously the offering of milk on Shivling means milk is offered to the whole world. Believe me, each time you offer milk to Shiva, Somebody in this world who cannot afford to get milk, is getting one right now.

Historical Incidents – Samudra Manthan:

Why Do We Offer Milk to the Shivling?
  • Samudra Manthan: The Devas – (Gods) and the Danavas- (Demons) took part in a tug of war contest to churn the elixir from the ocean bed to attain immortality.The Mandara Parvat was tied to the ground of the bed where the ocean of milk came out. But the first time they tried to churn, there was poison which was emitted from the base of ocean or called Halahal.Due to this the gods and godesses whoever took part in the Samudra Manthan prayed to Lord Shiva to find a remedy.
  • When Lord Shiva appeared in the place, He drank all the poison present. After this the gods praised shiva and he is now referred to as Neel-Kanth as the poison didnt move down his neck which got settled there and appeared blue.

When Shiva drank the poison, which saved many of the lives, his whole body started burning feeling uneasy and sick. His body trembled as it was burned by the heat. The Gods decided to bathe him with liters of milk. This milk helped him cope with the situation and he was saved by the milk. This is why we offer Milk to lord shiva till now.

Shivling acts like a Neclear Reactor:

Shivling represents exactly like the ancient Nuclear Reactors, reactors look the same till now! The shape is the same as the reactors. Shivling is the biggest source of positive energy and is placed in specific positions in temples where most radiations released. When milk is offered to the Shivling, there is a flow of positive radiations, with bliss and a happy feeling. This is how to treat yourself if you are one of the people who get bad dreams or night terrors.

Scientific Belief Of Offering Milk:

During the monsoons, cows consume food which is not good, In India, we know the monsoons release all chemicals in wetlands. When cows eat, they produce bad quality milk during the Shravan month. This milk is dangerous and not recommended for Human consumption, Hence the milk is used to offer Shivling during the Sharavan Month (specifically)

Now you know why do we use milk as an offering to Shiva 🙂

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