Why do Indian Women Wear Toe Rings? Ever wondered?


Why do Indian women wear toe rings? ever wondered?

Living in India, or having an Indian family… we are bound to ask this question about why do women wear Toe rings? Yes, it is fashion, it is culture and it is the finest traditions which are proven scientifically by India. Just like how the Mangal Sutra is a sign of marriage, a toe ring is also one. The husband puts the toe ring on the second toe for both legs. Let us further discuss why do Women actually put these?

These rings are made out of Silver:

Silver Toe ring

The two rings are made out of silver. We know that silver is a good conductor, hence when we place these rings on places of our body so that we gain energy or in other words it is placed on the toe since there is a contact with the ground and Gives the women more strength to do things and stays uprooted.


Silver acts as a magnet, bringing only positive energies into our body and removing the negative energies.

While performing many yagyas or religious ceremonies, it makes our soul to not stay in our body. Or it makes sure that one’s Soul doesn’t move out of the body while performing any ceremonies.

Wearing toe rings is also worn to bring respect, skills and responsibility. And a mark, proud symbol of one’s marital status.

Health Benefits of wearing toe rings:

  • In recent times there is a lot of stress and exposure for women not getting their menstrual cycle on time , but When the rings are placed on the second finger, theres a nerve from the second finger toe which connects to the Uterus. As indicated by Ayurveda, the nerve on the second toe of the feet is associated straightforwardly to the uterus of the lady. Thus, a slight pressing factor (because of the toe ring) is known to manage the menstrual cycle. It is likewise known to guarantee a healthy uterus.And regulates the cycle.
  • This further helps in women conceiving a child and the rate is much heigher. Apart from that it, they say it balances a womans life.
  • These rings rejuvinates the internal organs and acts and behaves like an accupuncture which helps in good blood circulation all over the body.
  • This nerve also helps in your eyes. It makes sure your eyes are relaxed and circulation around the eyes are good.

Historical Events based on this:

Wearing toe rings existed from the Ramayan era (treta yuga). And has been following till date. In the epic Ramayan, Ravan throws Sita’s toe rings, and all her jewelry, but this later becomes a path for Rama to come and help and rescue Sita.

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