Why did Dronacharya not Teach Archery to Ekalavya?



Eklavya is considered one of the main characters of the Mahabharata. According to the Puranas, Ekalavya was the son of a Nishad named Hiranyadhanu. Eklavya has wanted to get higher education in Archery since childhood, so when he asks Dronacharya to learn archery, Dronacharya refuses him. Due you know the reason Why did Dronacharya not Teach Archery to Ekalavya? If no then read this article till the End.

Reason Why did Dronacharya not Teach Archery to Ekalavya?

1- Did Dronacharya Want To Make Arjuna The Superior?

Nowadays people think that Dronacharya did not give education to Eklavya because he wanted to make Arjuna the best but this is not true. Dronacharya had also taught Drishtdhumna, who was born only to kill Dronacharya, so it is a matter to think that the Guru Drona who can teach his enemy, why would he refuse to teach Eklavya? If they did this then there must be some reason behind it.

2- Was Ekalavya Of Shudra Cast?-

The second reason comes that he belonged to the Shudra caste, so Guru Dronacharya refused to teach him, but this is also not true.

When Guru Dronacharya refused to teach Eklavya, he started practicing archery by making a statue of Guru Dronacharya. He gradually became proficient in archery. When Dronacharya came to know about this, he reached Eklavya in the forest. Then a dog comes there and starts barking. Eklavya shot arrows into the dog’s mouth and filled the dog’s mouth with a bunch of arrows one by one.

When Arjuna takes the arrows out of the dog’s mouth, he sees that there is not a single scratch in his mouth, which everyone is surprised to see. Then Arjuna says that this is not an ordinary arrow, it is a divine weapon, and it can be fired only by a king. Then Dronacharya asks from where did you learn this, then Eklavya says that I learned from you. Guru Dronacharya says that child, I do not know you. Introduce yourself then Eklavya says —

I am Eklavya, son of Hiranyadhanu, the chief commander of Magadh king JARASANDH.
“It means he was a Kshatriya, not a Shudra. Because the Varna system was going on at that time.”

If both these reasons are wrong then what was the real reason that Dronacharya did not teach Eklavya?

Reason for Dronacharya not Teach Archery to Ekalavya

Eklavya was the son of the army commander of the kingdom of Magadha King Jarasandha. And Jarasandha was the father-in-law of Kansa and hated Shri Krishna and Pandavas for killing his son-in-law. On the other hand, Jarasandh’s relations with the Kauravas were very good.

Ekalavya had more chances to fight on behalf of the Kauravas in the coming Mahabharata war, and if Dronacharya had taught Eklavya, he would have used the same knowledge to fight on the side of the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war.

Dronacharya had already sensed this future incident. For this reason, Dronacharya did not Teach Archery to Ekalavya.

Reason for Dronacharya not Teach Archery to Ekalavya

Why Did Shri Krishna Kill To Eklavya?-

Eklavya attacked Mathura along with King Jarasandha i.e. father-in-law of Kansa of Magadha and killed many Yadavas. When Lord Shri Krishna came to know about this, he killed Eklavya.

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