Who was that fowler behind Lord Krishna’s death ?


Through this article, we will share with all of you the information about the sacrifice of the body of Shri Krishna from the story of Dwapar Yuga. What was the reason behind the sacrifice of God and who was the fowler whose arrow was the reason of Shri Krishna’s death.

Destruction of Yaduvansh

After the destruction of the Yaduvanshis and the killing of Pradyumna, Sambha, and Aniruddha, Shri Krishna along with the charioteer Darukh leaves for Dwarka to meet Balram. According to the information received, when Shri Krishna the charioteer Darukh sees Balram ji sitting on the shore of the ocean at the end of the forest, then a huge snake with many heads starts coming out of Balram ji’s mouth.

Sacrifice of Balram ji

He saw ocean is praising that snake and in a moment that snake gets absorbed in the ocean. Seeing the sacrifice of Balram ji, Shri Krishna understands that now everything is over. And in deep thought, he starts walking in the forest for a few moments and while walking, he sits under a peepal tree wearing a quadrangular form. The Lord was sitting with his left foot on his right thigh. When a fowler named Jara passed by, who shot the arrow seeing the red shining feet of Krishna as deer’s mouth When the fowler went running, he was distraught after seeing God and sat holding the feet of God. And said, O Lord, give me a death sentence immediately. Lord, I have committed a big crime.


Jara and Krishna Samvad

Then God said, don’t worry, this was destiny. Whatever you have done has happened because of my wish. Only then Darukh, the charioteer of Shri Krishna reaches there, then seeing the Lord in an injured state, he immediately jumps from the chariot. As soon as Darukh jumps from the chariot, God’s chariot starts going to the sky with the Garuda flag. Then God says to Darukh, now it is time for my Swadham, You go to Dwarka and there tell all the townspeople about my and Dau Bhaiya’s Swadham and tell them to go to Indraprastha with all their wealth. Because after me the ocean will submerge the city of Dwarka.

Dwarka Submerged

Darukh leaves for Dwarka. All the Gods and Goddesses gathered in the sky to see the departure of Krishna to his home and showering flowers, seeing which God smilingly closed his lotus eyes and went to Vaikunt.

Darukh reaches Dwarka narrates all the agony to everyone and leaves for Indraprastha with everyone. When Arjuna comes to know about the whole incident, he leaves for Dwarka and after reaching Dwarka, he finds the body of Lord and Balarama and performs there last rites. At the same time, Arjun returns after performing the last rites of all the killed Yaduvanshis.

Who was that fowler because of which God had to leave his body?

The fowler named Jara was none other than the birth form of King Bali of Kishkindha in Tretayuga. Bali was killed by Lord Rama in a hidden manner, tying in the words of the friendship of Sugrib. Bali had received a boon from Indra Dev that no one would be able to defeat him from the front. For this reason, Lord Rama had to kill him hiding behind a tree in Kishkindha. And Lord Rama the incarnation of Vishnu knows that it was a wrong thing to kill anyone in hidden manner. To get rid of his debt, Lord Shri Krishna incarnation of Vishnu in Dwapar yug sacrificed his life at the hands of a fowler named Jara, the birth form of Bali.

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