Who was Kalnemi who died by God in every yuga ?


We will give detailed information to all of you about a character of our Hindu religion, which is mostly known as the character of Ramayana. But friends, this character is not only in Ramayana, but according to our religious books, this character has been mentioned many times in every Yuga. So let’s know who was Kalnemi asur and what was the secret of Kalnemi being born again and again in an evil yoni and killed by gods in each yuga.

Curse of being demon Kalnemi

Makri was a Apsara and Rakshasa Kalnemi was Gandharva who were granted salvation by Hanuman ji in Ramayana. Both used to woo the gathering by singing and dancing in Indra’s gathering. One day there were many sages along with the deities in the assembly. When both of them presented dance with music in front of them, everyone praised them. But Durvasa Rishi sitting in the assembly did not praise. Seeing this Apsara and Gandharva laughed thinking that Durvasa Rishi did not know anything about music and dance.


How they will get rid of this curse ?

When Durvasa Rishi saw both of them laughing at him, he got angry. At the same time, he cursed Apsara to be Makari and Gandharva to be demon. Hearing the curse, both fell at the feet of the sage and started praying. When they started pleading, Durvasa Rishi showed mercy to them and told them the way to get rid of the curse. He said that in Tretayuga both of you will be saved by Hanuman, the messenger of Lord Rama. Apsara Makri and Gandharva Kalnemi became demons because of this curse.

Kalnemi and Lord Vishnu connection

Kalanemi was an elusive demon who was one of the chief ministers in Ravana’s court. According to the Ramayana Maha Granth in Treta Yuga, Marich was the son of the illusionary demon. Marich was cursed by Agast Muni to transform into a terrible evil demon. After that Marich, the elusive demon, got salvation (death) by Lord Shriram for helping Ravana in the abduction of Mother Sita.

In our Hindu mythological texts, the entire life of the Kalanemi demon has been depicted in detail in such a way that Kalanemi was the son of Sage Marichi in his early birth, who was born again and again in the world of death in the form of a demon and an evil soul due to his misdeeds. Death was achieved each time by the incarnations of Lord Sri Hari Vishnu.

Birth of Kalnemi of Satyuga and death by Gods

According to our mythological texts, Kalnemi Rakshasa first appeared after the churning of the ocean in the form of a ferocious demon who had subdued Indralok with his power. After that, on the prayer of Indradev and other gods, Lord Vishnu put an end to that super powerful demon. After this, Kalanemi was born again as Hiranyaksha and was killed fighting against Lord Vishnu as per the order of her brother Andhakasur.

Birth of Kalnemi in Treta Yuga and death by Shri Hanuman

In Tretayuga, Kalnemi was born again as Kalnemi, the son of Maricha. Maricha was cursed by sage Agastya to turn into a terrible evil illusional demon. Both Kalnemi and Maricha were one of Ravana’s ministers. Thereafter, while acting as per Ravana’s orders, Father Maricha helped Ravana’s mother Sita in the abduction and got salvation (death) at the hands of Lord Shri Ram. Kalnemi was also killed at the hands of Hanuman ji for trying to block the way of Shri Hanuman as per the orders of Ravana.

Birth of Kalnemi in Dwapar Yuga and death by Shri Krishna

In Dwapara Yuga, Kalnemi again took birth as Kansa, the cruel king of the Vrishti Kingdom and maternal uncle of Lord Sri Hari Avatar Krishna, who died at the hands of Lord Krishna. Thus Kalanemi continued to be killed by the incarnations of the Lord in one way or the other in every birth.

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