Who was Barbarik the support of the loser ?


Barbarik is called Khatu Shyam because his temple is located in Khatu village of Rajasthan. And in Gujarat, he is also worshiped by the name of Baliyadev. But who is this brave man who was able to stop the Mahabharat war in just three of his arrows ? How he became god Khatu shyam ?

Who was Barnarik in Past life ?

Barbarik was a Yaksha in his previous birth long before the Mahabharata. Who was cursed by Lord Brahma for insulting Lord Vishnu? According to this curse, Yaksharaj was to be born into a demonic clan. Yaksharaj was horrified to hear this. Brahma Ji took pity on Yaksharaj after saying it again and again. , But the curse could not be reversed now. Brahma ji said that you go to the shelter of Lord Vishnu. He can help you by creating some Leela. Yaksharaj reached Baikunth Lok and made the same request to Vishnu Ji there.

Vishnu ji gave boon

Vishnu Ji also refused to take back the curse. Any curse given by the creator of the universe himself cannot be reversed. But I understand your plight and to help you I bless you, that you will be born in the Pandava clan. You will have a great contribution to the war of Mahabharata. At the same time, all humans will worship you in Kalyug.

He was born as Barbarik

After some time Yaksharaj was born as the grandson of Bhima. Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha and Naga girl Ahilavati/Mauravi got married. After some time she gave birth to a very bright son. The son was named Barbarik because of the thick, golden hair like Babbar sher on his head. Barbarik was very bright, promising, and fearless since childhood.


Whatever education Barbarik got, he got it from his mother and Shri Krishna only. According to the principles of his gurus, Barbarik should always help the weak and the helpless.

A great devotee and yogi

Barbarik was a great Yogi and Shiva devotee apart from his fighting skills. At a very young age, Barbarik pleased Lord Shiva by performing severe penance. Shiv Ji was pleased and gave him 3 divine arrows as a boon. With the help of these Amogh baan arrows, he could end any war in a few moments. When Barbarik came to know that the war of Mahabharata could not be postponed. There will be a war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Then he took permission from his mother and went towards the battlefield. and said that I will see the war, observe and support the one who is getting weak in the war.

The archer named Barbarik played a very important role in the War of Mahabharata. Barbaric is counted among the best archers in the world. The special thing is that instead of fighting the barbaric war, he became one of the reason for the victory of the Pandavas.

Shri Krishna’s worry

On the other hand, before the war of Mahabharata, Shri Krishna goes to meet all the warriors. They ask that if you have to end the war alone, how long will it take?

Arjun said that he would end the war in 28 days.
Dronacharya said that he can end the war in 25 days.
Karna said that he could end the war in 24 days.
Bhishma said that he would end the war in 20 days.

Krishna got worried after knowing the answers of all these warriors. Because he knew them about Barbarik’s knowledge. He knew that Barbarik had three divine arrows and he was on his way to the battlefield.

Shri Krishna arrived to meet Barbarik

Because Krishna himself had been Barbarik’s teacher, he came to meet Barbarik. And reached him and asked the same question. Barbarik said that he would end the war in a few moments. But he will only support the losing side. Krishna came in surprise and said that you have only three arrows, there is no army. How can you end the biggest war in the land of death with just three arrows?

Barbarik said: Oh respected grandfather Krishna, just one arrow is enough to kill the enemy. First with the first arrow he will mark those whom he wants to save. With the second arrow he will mark those people whom he wants to kill and after killing the people marked for killing with the third arrow, my arrow will return to its quiver.

Mother’s promise

When Shri Krishna was convinced that Barbarik would fight from whichever side. The defeat of the other side is certain. On this, he asked on whose side Barbarik will fight. So Barbarik replied that he had promised his mother that he would fight the war on behalf of the losing side.

Lord Krishna met Barbarik with Arjuna

In disguise, Lord Krishna went to meet Barbarik with Arjuna. Barbarik was about to leave for war. Seeing only three arrows in Barbarik’s quiver, Krishna disguised as a Brahmin mocked him and said that if he is the best archer, then he should show all the leaves of the Peepal tree standing in front of him by falling in a single arrow. Barbarik came to the words of God and fired an arrow. Due to this the arrow dropped all the leaves in a few moments and started circling near the feet of Shri Krishna.

Barbarik understood the words of Shri Krishna

In this whole incident, to find out the archery of Barbarik, Shri Krishna had secretly pressed a leaf under one of his feet. He understood this thing. He smiled and requested Shri Krishna to remove his foot from the leaf so that the arrow could complete its task.

Barbarik gifted his head

Shri Krishna again reached Barbarik in the guise of a Brahmin and asked for his head in charity. Along with being a great archer, Barbarik was also rich in words and was firm in his words. Before cutting off his head, and he requested God to show him his true form only once. Lord Krishna accepted the request and asked to tell any other wish. Then Barbarik said that he wanted to see the whole war with his severed head. Shri Krishna fulfilled his wish and Barbarik’s head was established on a nearby hill called Khatu. It was from here that Barbarik saw the whole war.

Support of losers in Kalyug

After this, Shri Krishna gave a boon to Barbarik that in Kalyug people would worship him as an incarnation of Krishna. Today this place is known as Khatu Mandir, where he is worshiped as Khatu Shyam.

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