Who is Kubera, the god of wealth ?


Man does Kubera Sadhna only for the increase of wealth and according to some scholars, this Sadhna is done only on Kartik Krishna Paksha Trayodashi i.e. Dhan Teras. According to another opinion, Kartik Shukla Paksha also performs Govardhan Puja on the first date.

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Who is Kubera ?

According to various stories in the Puranas, Mahamuni Vishrava, the son of Maharishi Pulastya, had a water eclipse ceremony with Ilavila, the daughter of Maharishi Bhardwaj, and Kuber was born from her womb. Lord Brahma made him the master of all wealth. Pleased by his fierce penance, Lord Shiva made him the Lokpal of the north direction. Alaknanda river emerged from his Puri Alaknanda. It is also known as the planet Pluto. Kuber is the ruler of all the treasures on earth. By his grace, man gets the underground funds. In every Yagyanta, flowers are offered to this Vaishravana Rajadhiraj.


Family of Kubera

Lord Shankar has special grace on him. Among his stepmothers, Ravana was born from Pushpolat, Vibhishana from Kumbhakarna and Malini, and Khar-Dushan and Shurpanakha from Rama. Kuber was married to the daughter of Moor demon, from whom his sons Nal-Kuber and Manigriva were born, and from the curse of Narad ji, he became a tree in Gokul and was freed by Lord Krishna. His follower Yaksha continuously serves him. He left his father and went to the service of his great-grandfather Brahma and by serving him. He was made lord of Alkapuri and Lankapuri by Brahma and Shivji. Brahma had also given him Pushpak Viman and immortality.

Appearance Kubera

His daughter’s name was Meenakshi. They have a hump on their back, they are called Pingali with one eye. One of his eyes was destroyed due to a curse by Bhagwati Jagdamba Uma. Later he became the master of the funds by worshiping Bhagwati. His weapon is mace, his vehicle is male, that is, he goes sitting in a palanquin. According to Kautilya (Chanakya), the idol of Kuber should be installed in the treasury. By the way, Kuber’s abode has been called a banyan tree.

Worship of Kubera

Kuber is the god of wealth grains and prosperity. According to the Varaha Purana, Kubera is worshiped on the day of Kartik Shukla Pratipada. To please Kubera, it is necessary to chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra at least ten thousand times. The city of Kuber, which has a white complexion, thin body, eight teeth, and three steps, is spread in seventy schemes. Where gardens, lakes and beautiful palaces, and Apsaras live. There, only gems are seen in the form of leaves of the trees, and beautiful Apsaras are seen in the form of flowers.

Nowadays, most of the gems have disappeared, because today’s man is engaged in their consumption. Nowadays, this tendency to consume the remnants of Yajna-donation has disappeared, that’s why Kuber ji created the fund according to the rights of man. They are worshiped on Dhanteras, on the day of Diwali as well. In this way, on Dhanteras Kuber and Dhanvantari, Yamraj on Chaudas, Ganesha-Lakshmi on Amavasya, Kuber and Govardhan is worshiped on Pratipada.

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