Who is Banshee? (The Frightening Women of Irish Folklore)


Who is Banshee? (The Frightening Women of Irish Folklore)

Who is Banshee?

As we know Celtic Mythology is known and revered worldwide for his unique stories, which contain several mythical creatures. For the Ancient Celts the forests and woods were the home of fairies and elves who wander through trees and streams. They taking care of soil fertilization and protecting the animals.

But not all beings who inhabited the forest were kind and gentle. Inattentive people could find a terrible Monster called Banshee. Present mainly In Irish Mythology banshees are evil creatures that come from the fairy family. But unlike their kind relatives the banshees lived in caves or the darkest corners of the forest.

Usually the banshees avoided contact with human beings but they didn’t forgive those who cross their domains.


How Banshee Look Like?

Usually the banshees looked like a morbid menacing thin tall pale woman wearing a ragged dress. But what’s more terrifying about the banshees is their extremely loud scream which can be heard from miles away. Scream of Banshee can puncture the eardrums or even a person’s skull. Because of their obscure features banshees are considered messengers of death.

If someone saw a banshee or heard her cry even from a distance. They would end up dying a few days later.

Origin of Banshee

Banshees can appear physically and spiritually. Although the origin of Banshee is uncertain. It is believed that they appear in the world when a young woman is murdered. For this reason the existence of banshees is always full of pain and suffering. They cry and agonize constantly. As time goes by their eyes become red as fire.

Another version about the origin of the banshees states that they were descendants or servants of Morrigan the Goddess of war and destruction in Celtic Mythology. Therefore the banshees appear during battles when a brave warrior was slaughtered they released their long sad bellow.

An Ancient legend says that in 1437 a Banshee appeared before King James the first of Scotland warning him that his death was near.

Important of Banshee in Celtic Culture

Stories like these were common in Ancient Celtic beliefs. Many women with the gift of premonition were called Banshees. The importance of the banshees was so great in Celtic Culture. That the belief arose that they protected the members of Ireland’s five Noble families. They would only shed tears at the death of one Nobleman.

Belief in Banshee

With the expansion of Christianity in the middle ages belief in the banshees changed. They came to be seen as suffering souls wandering through cemeteries or ruins of abandoned castles.

In modern times it is believed that the legend of the Banshees has a simple and much less macabre Origin. Since the famous screams in the forest had origin in a kind of owl. The owl is known for emanating a long and acute scream with chills on dark nights.

Be it folkloric stories or not just vigilant for the night adventures of the forest of Ireland. Otherwise you may end up hearing the cry of death.

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