Who is Ashwin Kumar – doctor of gods ?


There is a mention of 33 crore gods and goddesses in Hinduism, in which two Ashwin Kumars are also included. Let us know who is Ashwin Kumar who gives health not only to human beings but also to gods and by whose grace the treatment of every disease is possible in Ayurveda.

Who is Ashwin Kumar?

Ashwin Kumar is the two sons of Lord Surya and Mother Sangya. Their names are Nasatya and Dastra but because of their origin from a horse i.e. a mare, they were named Ashwin Kumar. Although he is also addressed by the name of Ashwini Kumar. In religious texts, he has been considered the doctor of the gods.

Ashwani Kumar, both the sons of Surya Dev, is known as a great scholar of the Vedic period Ayurveda. It is believed that Ashwini Kumars have the ability that by their grace even the most dreadful and incurable diseases can be cured. According to mythology, when the deities were injured by the weapons of the asuras in war, the medicine of the Ashwini Kumars was considered the only cure that could restore the deities to health.


Birth of Ashwin Kumar

The story is of those days when fearing the glory of Lord Surya, his wife Sandhya created her counterpart, Chhaya. Chhaya was left in Surya Lok and Sandhya took the form of a mare and went to Prithvi Lok for doing penace to get glory like Surya dev. When Surya Dev came to know about this secret, he came to earth in search of Sandhya. Surya Dev saw that a very beautiful mare was walking in a field. He recognized Sandhya in the form of a mare and came close to her. Surya Dev and Sandhya met due to which two childen were born. Being born from a mare, Surya Dev named him Ashwini Kumar. They became the physician of the gods.

From whom did Ashwin Kumar get their education and knowledge?

According to legend, Ashwin Kumars acquired the education and all knowledge of Ayurveda from Daksha Prajapati. It is believed that the first knowledge of medicine was received by Ashwini Kumars only. Later every piece of information related to medicine and Ayurveda was used to reach Dhanvantari Bhagwan i.e. Kuber Dev by Ashwin Kumars.

Not only this, but Ashwin Kumars also received the teachings of Brahmavidya from Maharishi Dadhichi. After which he gave place to mantras in Ayurveda. For this reason even today in Ayurveda it is considered possible to cure diseases through mantras. Ashwin Kumars had created ‘Ashwinikumar Samhita’ which is considered to be the basis of Ayurveda.

Ashwin Kumar had treated the deities

In the Devasur Sangram, when the condition of the deities became such that the asuras had made complete arrangements to bring them to death, then due to the treatment of the Ashwin Kumars, the deities were able to regain their strength and were victorious in this war. Once when the head of Rishi Dadhichi was cut off, the Ashwin Kumars, with their Ayurvedic knowledge, reattached his head to his torso.

Ashwinkumars have also been called eye givers, the example of which comes from the legend that the daughter of King Sharyati On the request of Sukanya, the Ashwinkumars had cured the eyes of the great sage Chyavana and freed him from blindness. When Indra’s arm was severed in a war, even then the Ashwin Kumars by their treatment had joined that arm as before. There are innumerable achievements that Ashwin Kumar did. It is believed that whoever worships or meditates on Ashwin Kumar gets rid of any kind of disease.

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