Who are Devi Rati and Kamadeva ?


In Hindu scriptures, Kamadeva or Manmtha is considered the god of love and attraction. According to the stories mentioned in the scriptures, Kamadeva is the son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that Kamadeva was married to Goddess Rati, who is considered the goddess of love and attraction just like Kamdev. But in some stories, Kamdev himself has also been described as the son of Brahmaji. And they are also related to Lord Shiva.

Form of Kamadeva

In the scriptures, the form of Kamadeva is displayed as a handsome young man with golden wings. Who has a bow and arrows in his hand? His ride has been told to be a parrot. They travel on the chariot of a parrot with a red flag having the symbol of a fish. But in some scriptures, Kamadeva has also been described as sitting on an elephant. It is said that Lord Shankar had destroyed Kamdev with his third eye. After that, Kamadeva was reunited with his wife Rati at his next birth.

Origin of Manmatha

According to mythology, once upon a time, Lord Brahma was engrossed in the desire to expand the universe. At the same time, a bright son Kama was born from his part. That son started saying what is the order for me? Then Brahmaji told him that I had created Prajapatis to create the universe. But they did not succeed in creation. That’s why I hand over this task to you now. and order it to be completed.


But without listening to Brahma ji, Kamdev left from there and disappeared. Seeing this, Brahma got angry and cursed Kamdev that you have not obeyed my orders. That’s why you will be destroyed soon. Hearing this, Kamdev got scared and with folded hands started asking for forgiveness in front of Brahmaji.

He lives here

Brahmaji was pleased with Kamadeva’s continuous request for a long time and he gave Kamadeva 12 places to live. He said that O Kamdev Dev, your abode will be women’s sarcasm, her hair zodiac, her thigh, chest, navel, hand, adhar, cuckoo’s cuckoo, moonlight, rainy season, Chaitra and Vaishakh month.

After this, Brahma gave Kamdev a flower bow and 5 arrows named Maran, Stambhan, Jrimbhan, Shoshan, and Ummadan. That bow was made of sugarcane filled with sweetness, with a string of honey bees. The arrows of his bow were made of fragrant flowers of the Ashoka tree, besides white, blue lotus, jasmine, and flowers growing on the mango tree.

Kamdev was burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva

After the boon received from Brahmaji, Kamdev started traveling in all three worlds and subjugated ghosts, vampires, Gandharva, and Yaksha in his work. In this sequence, he reached Kailash to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was then engrossed in penance when Kamadeva assumed the subtle form of a small animal and entered Lord Shiva’s body through the ear hole. Due to this Shivji’s mind became fickle.

After that Lord Shiva observed with meditation that Kamadeva had entered his body. When Kamdev came to know about this, he immediately came out of Lord Shiva’s body and went and stood under a mango tree. Then he released an arrow named Apan Mohan on Shivji, which hit Shivji’s heart. Shiva got angry with this and he burnt Kamadeva to ashes with the flame of his third eye.

Goddess Rati’s penance

When Kamdev’s wife Rati came to know about this, she reached their mourning. Only then there was a voice in which Rati was asked not to mourn and to worship Lord Shiva. After listening to the Akashvani, Rati prayed to Lord Shankar with devotion. Pleased with Rati’s prayer, Shivji said that Kamdev had distracted my mind, so I reduced him to ashes.

Now if he goes to the Mahakal forest in anang form and worships the Shivling, then he will be saved. After that Kamdev went to the Mahakal forest as per the order of Lord Shankar and he established the Shivling with full devotion and then started doing severe penance.

After some time, pleased with the penance of Kamadeva, Shivji said that you will be able to do all the work even without being anang, without a body. And at the time of Krishna Avatar in Dwaparyug, you will be born from the womb of Rukmani and your name will be Pradyumna.

Reincarnation of Rati and Kamadeva

According to Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Rukmani had a son named Pradyumna in Dwaparayuga, who was an incarnation of Kamdev. But after birth, due to enmity with Shri Krishna, the demon Shambharasura kidnaps Pradyumna and threw him into the sea. That baby was swallowed by a fish and that fish reached the kitchen of Shambharasur after being caught by the fishermen.

When Goddess Rati came to know about this, she took the form of a woman named Mayawati, who worked in Soi and reached the kitchen. He cut the fish that came there and brought up the child that came out of it like a mother. When that child became young, he was reminded of all the things of his previous birth. Not only this, but he also taught all the arts, then Pradyumna killed Shambharasur and then married Rati in the form of Mayawati and returned to Dwarka with her.

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