Which are main Nine Gems ?


In ancient times women, elephant teeth, horse, gold, silver etc. were also counted among the gems. But in present times only precious stones have been kept in the category of gems by separating metals and animals. Gems are mainly precious mineral substances.

There are 84 types of gems. Out of 84 gems, 9 gems are considered important. The rest have been accepted as sub-gemstones, therefore only nine gems have special importance everywhere. Because the main nine planets of Indian astrology are related to these nine gems.


Ruby is the gem of the planet Sun. Manikya is called ‘Ruby’ in English. It is a precious gem of pinkish-reddish color like pink and it is also found in black color. It has been given the noun of sun-gem. In Arabic it is called ‘Lal Badakhshan’. It is a gem of the Kurundam group. The pink coloured gem is considered superior.


Emerald is the gem of the planet Mercury. Panna is called ‘Emerald’ in English which is found in many colors. It is white elastic with green color or transparent like neem leaf. Emerald is also there in Navaratna. Green colored emerald is considered the best. Emerald is a very soft stone and is one of the most valuable stones. Its value is determined according to color, appearance, luster, weight, transparency.



Diamond is the gem of the planet Venus. In English, Heera is called ‘Diamond’. Diamond is a type of precious stone which is very shiny and very hard. It is also found in many colors, such as white, yellow, pink, blue, red, black etc. It is considered the best of the nine gems. Diamond gemstone is very expensive and beautiful in appearance. White diamond is the best and diamond is the best among all types of gems. Diamonds are made beautiful by polishing with diamond particles.


Sapphire is the gem of the planet Saturn. The English name of Neelam is ‘Sapphire’. Sapphire gemstone is of dark blue and light blue color. It is also found in many colors; For example- like peacock’s neck, light blue, yellow etc. A sapphire with a peacock neck color is considered to be of the best grade. Sapphire is a transparent, shiny and elastic gemstone. Sapphire is also there in Navaratna. Saturn’s gem sapphire is made from a combination of aluminum and oxygen. It is considered a gem of the Kurundam group.


Pearl is the gem of the planet Moon. Moti is called ‘Pearl’ in English. Pearl is found in many colors like white, black, sky blue, yellow, red etc. Pearls are obtained from sea shells. Pearl is a precious stone that comes out of the sea shell and is loose, round and white in color. Pearl is called Marwarid in Urdu and Mukta in Sanskrit.


Lahsuniya is the gem of the planet Ketu. Garlic gemstone has cat’s eye like thread, so also called Cat eye gem. It also has yellow, ink or whitish freckles. Lahsuniya stone is also known as Vaidurya.


Coral is the gem of Mars. Moonga is called ‘Coral’ in English, which is usually vermilion red in color. Coral is also available in red, vermilion, pink, white and black. Coral is extracted from sea. In fact, coral is a type of marine root and coral is a type of deposit formed from the hard skeletons of marine organisms. Coral is also another name for coral. It is called Vidrum in Sanskrit and Marjan in Persian.


Onyx is the gem of Rahu planet. The English name of Gomed is ‘Zircon’. Generally its color is like red smoke. Blood-black and yellow colored onyx is considered excellent. Onyx is also present in Navratna. It is gemstone is transparent. Onyx is called Gomedak in Sanskrit.


Pukhraj is the gem of the planet Jupiter. Pukhraj is called ‘Topaz’ in English. Topaz is a valuable gem. Topaz is the king of all gems. It is usually of yellow, white, and blue colors. By the way, there is a saying that topaz is also found in as many colors as there are flowers. Topaz gemstone is a silicate mineral containing aluminum and fluorine. Topaz is called Pushparaag in Sanskrit language. Like the flowers of Amaltas, yellow colored topaz is considered the best.

Which stone is related to which planet?

Ruby – Sun,

Pearl – Moon,

Mooga – Mars,

Topaz – Jupiter,

Diamond – Venus,

Sapphire – Saturn,

 Onyx – Rahu,

Lahsuniya – Ketu.

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