What’s the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month?

Whats the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month

You might have heard about Shravan Maas or Shravan Month if you are living anywhere in India. So, you would tend to ask someone ” Bro are you not eating non veg?” or ” Are you fasting?” And they reply, stating it’s Shravan Month. Have you ever wondered the significance and why do people perform rituals and fasts during this month? If Yes, Then do not skip this article till the end.

What is Shravan Month?

What's the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month?
What’s the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month?

Shravan Maas is also called Sawan Month. According to Hinduism the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, Shravan Month falls from July-August. People keep fasts during this month and along with Lord Shiva also worships Goddess Parvati for a better, more peaceful, and prosperous life. The people believe in doing poojas, Satsang, offering prayers and songs to praise God. On Mondays, Lord Shiva is worshipped and Tuesdays are the special prayers to Goddess Parvati, even a fast has its special name on Tuesday “Mangala Gauri Vrat”.

Why Are Lord Shiva and Parvati worshipped In Shravan Month?

It is considered to be the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Each day during this month is auspicious for worshipping him Since it is the most auspicious period. One can take advantage of it by performing Shravan Mass Shiv Puja to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

What's the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month?

Its also said that Sati was devoted to get Shiva as her husband, during Sati’s Younger days, In the Shravan Month Sati with full dedication and had spent her days without taking food. This made her achieve Lord Shiva as her husband in her next life.

Whats the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month

This is Why Goddess Parvati is worshipped to showcase her immense love on Shiva and the sacrifices she made during Sati’s Lifespan. Hence the two gods, Shiva and Parvati are worshipped during Shravan Month.

When Does Shravan Month Exactly start?

What's the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month?

Our Hindu calendar consists of 12 months. The beginning of Ashadha mass in India is the time the first rainfall happens and monsoon begins. When Ekadashi starts, It is said to believe that the gods go into sleep and yet the best time to please the god. After Amavasya of the Ekadashi Starts the Shravan Maas. The best time to impress gods and most favourable month. This year in 2021 it is said that it would begin on

What Are The Benefits of Doing Shravan Maas?

During Shravan one needs to perform a vrat or fasting. If your desires need to come true, its believed that you must not break the fast and obey a set of rules as below:

  • Do not drink alcohol in the month of Sawan.
  • Do not shave during Shrawan.
  • Avoid breaking your fast in between.
  • Do not eat non-vegetables.
  • Ginger and garlic are also avoided by people during this month.
  • As per Puranas, brinjal or eggplant too must be avoided as they are considered impure.
  • It is recommended that one doesn’t take liquor and consume Onion,Galic or Eggplant too.
  • Recommended that people should sleep on floor and get up before the Sun rise during this month to get the maximum benefits.
  • As per medical experts, this is good for the body as it has a detoxifying effect on the digestive system. Fasting also aids in weight loss and in rejuvenating the body and mind.

Shravan Month helps in three ways , Dealing with your Physical Body, Mental and Spirituality too. As It helps in bringing your body in a relaxed position and you stay light. All the toxins frozen in body are removed from your system and you become pure. In terms of mind, you stay strong and determined after doing the fast. Spiritual gain can only be experienced by people who perform the fast and rituals.

You get up in the Morning, have bath and remain silent most of the time. Foods such as milk and sugar, spicy and flavourful items or oily are also forbidden.

How Should One Perform the Pooja?

Whats the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month

With all of this, One should visit the Shiva Temples regularly, Chant  Om Namah Shivay while fasting.

Performing this puja includes offering the Panchamrut, ie, a mixture of milk, sugar, honey, ghee, Gangajal, yogurt, bilva leaves, dhatura and other sacred items which are dear to Shiva, while continuously chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. This puja is especially done to wash away one’s sins or paap and for bringing prosperity, peace and happiness in one’s house. This is considered one the most difficult puja in Hindu faith. 

  • Sundays And Thursdays You Offer Chudi Pooja To Kuldev
Whats the Reason and Importance Of Shravan Month

The word ‘chudi’ means an arrangement where vivid flowers are tied into a bunch to form a colourful combination. This is prepared and worn by married women as part of the ‘chudi pooja’, observed for chastity and prosperity.

After the Tulsi pooja, then it is taken and kept near God . The Women then touch the elder Woman’s feet and give the Choodi in their hands and it goes near the Kuldev or The deity which you keep in home.

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