What will happen when we confess our sins to God?


What happens when you confess sins? If we confess our sins, Why do we confess our sins to God? | How do you confess your sins to God? | What happens when we repent our sins?, Why Confession Is Important for All Christians

Every person living on this planet has made some sin or the other. There will be no one who has not committed any, either one or two in their life. Even the person who has lots of faith in God does. It is written in the Holy Bible that every Christian who has sinned, one way or the other, has to confess in front of God, as it is a part of a living Christianity. But there are always many questions that arise in everyone’s mind when we confess our sins. Do we need to tell it out specifically? Does God know all the details of the sins that we committed? Will we become holy once we confess our sins to God? Let us find out the answer to these questions.

Benefits of confessing our sins

We all know that God is watching all that we do from above, whether be we riding on the right path or the wrong one. He knows the sins that we have done, both in the past and in the present.
According to the words written in the book of Psalms of chapter 103 verse 4- God discerns our going out and lying down, where He is familiar with all the ways that we go. Before we even think of speaking a word from our tongue, God knows it completely. So when we want to confess our sins to God, we are not telling Him everything, even if we don’t, we know that God knows what we are confessing. We should never be like Adam, who lied and later hid behind the trees when God asked him to repent. But we have to be like David, who said he acknowledged his sins to God and did not cover up his inequity.

Benefits of confessing our sins

In life, confession and forgiving should always be a continuous experience in one’s life. According to John, he said that when we confess our sins continuously, it is like we are forgiving the believers.

Types of forgiveness

There are two types of forgiveness:

Judicial Forgiveness

Here God grants as a judge. This is the one that God has purchased for us by Him atoning on your sins. When you receive this kind of forgiveness. It will help in freeing you from any threat that enters you in eternal condemnation. This is just you are confessing on your justification. Once you get your pardon complete, then you will not need to seek it again.

Parental Forgiveness

Here God grants you as Father. He greatly grieves on his children when they commit certain sins, as their minds are small and get attracted to evil things very soon. This forgiving takes care of judicial guilt. This does not nullify His fatherly displeasure over your sins. He embraces them who love and follows Him dearly and also for their good actions.
Feeling guilty about the sins that you have made, when you confess on daily basis, and when continual repenting is done, all these marks the healthy life of Christianity. Do you think there will be any benefit when you do this? Yes, there will be, as when we are faithful and righteous in forgiving us and others on our and their sins, they help in cleansing from all unrighteousness. Both forgiving and cleansing, are the promises that give refreshment to the sinners like a feeling of a cold drink of water entering a thirsty human body. You will greatly feel refreshed in all ways.

Different ways for confess our sins

It is not necessary to confess our sins to a particular person, or a special place or area, or wait for a particular time. It is only to prove to God and confess to Him. Since we know that the Lord lives within and around us. We can confess our sins to Him anywhere and at any time. As sooner we confess to Him, the better and earlier we will get blessed.

Let us look into certain practical ways of confessing our sins to God:

We need to spend a small time with the Lord

We should give at least half-hour of our time to Lord and take in His word. He is not asking us all our 24-hour time. When we pray to Him, He allows us to make aware of certain of our sins. We don’t need t get afraid or search for ourselves when we do something wrong. He is the light of our life, and He exposes our sins when needed through prayer or dreams, or actions. When he shines up, we will know what we need to confess to Him. Once we confess our sins, we can be sure that we are forgiven by the Lord and being washed away by the blood of Christ, with all our sins left us.

Keep short accounts with the Lord

We have to make sure that once we are forgiven, we don’t need to build up more sins that have been between Lord and us. We have to practice keeping short accounts with the Lord by talking and confessing our sins to God via prayer, and communicating to Him, as soon as we are made aware of it.
Once we know that we have done something wrong like getting angry with our parents during a conversation and getting out of the room in anger when we know that God has shown us the mistake that we have done. We just have to confess to Him by praying ‘ Lord, I am sorry for getting angry with my parents. Please forgive me and wash my sins off with your precious blood now.’
Washing our hands full of sins is a good sign of keeping a short account with the Lord by confessing to Him on daily basis or several times a day.

Confess certain and specific sins

The certain shining of our sins by God may not be general or vague. But it is sure that it will be specific and where you will feel sorry for it. He will show us things like lying to someone, the way that we spoke to others or having disobeyed our parents or so. He will punish us when we don’t hear what He says, on moving to the right path and choosing to move on to the wrong one.


So, whenever we confess our sins, we can be washed away by God and be clean and happy both in mind and body. So we must confess our sins to God alone as we have t prove them to Him and not to any other. Each f us, in Christianity, has to build up a healthy practice for confessing our sins. We can not do it in one day but when we do it one by one and get used to the practice, we can be blessed holy in Lord’s name. We pray that the Lord helps us to clear up all our sins on daily basis and to build a fellowship with him in communicating to Him through prayer.

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