What was Aakashvani and who used to do it?


We all have heard the word “Aakashvani” at some time or the other. There are descriptions of many famous oracles in our religious scriptures and Puranas. It sounds very simple that the word Akashvani means the voice of the sky, but in reality, its secret is very deep.

What is Aakashvani ?

So before we know about Akashvani, we have to understand “Aakash”. We all know that whatever is visible in this world is made up of all five elements. Our body is also made up of five elements. These five elements are – earth, water, fire, air, and sky.

Out of these five elements, four are those which we can see or feel in our body. These are land, water, fire, and air. But many people ask where is the sky in our body or other elements? So the answer is that “sky” represents the void present in our body. Wherever there is void (i.e. there is nothing) in this world, it is all the element of sky.

So in this way, if we talk about Akashvani, then the voice of our conscience is called Akashvani. Akashvani is never untrue. You must have experienced that no matter how many sins we commit physically, our conscience always knows that that action is not right. Whoever listens to the voice of the inner soul, i.e. the voice of the sky, and follows it, never does any wrong thing.

Now let us come to that Akashvani which we have always read or heard. It means the same thing as the word itself, i.e. the voice of the sky. In fact, in ancient times and eras, when a noble person, out of ignorance, was doing some work considering it virtuous but in reality, it was a bad deed, then to save that person from that sin, he was warned through Akashvani.


Who used to do Akashvani?

Because if the sky is void then there can be sound in it but it cannot take the form of speech. So the answer is that Akashvani was made by the gods living in heaven and that is why it is also called “Devvani” or “Divyavani”. Since the Gods used to alert humans in invisible form only in the form of speech, hence it seemed as if this voice was coming from the sky and it was named Akashvani.

Apart from the gods, only a few accomplished sages could speak from the sky to alert mankind. According to the beliefs of the Brahma sect, it was the Supreme Father Brahma who spoke in the sky because he is the knower of the past, present, and future of all living beings. The speech spoken by Brahmaji is also called Brahmavani. You all must have heard that Brahmavani is infallible.

 What was Aakashvani and who used to do it?

There are many misconceptions about Akashvani which is very important to know.

Akashvani was like a loudspeaker that could be heard by everyone

This is not true. In reality, the Akashvani was heard only by the person/persons for whom the Akashvani was made.

Any god could have spoken from the sky

This is also not true. Only those gods who never spoke untruth and who had the power to speak from the sky could do so. No common deity, sub-deity, Yaksha, Gandharva, Marut, Vasu, etc. could speak from the sky. That is, even among the gods, there were only a few who could speak from the sky.

Only gods could speak in the sky, not human

It is not so. Among humans too, many accomplished Maharishis had elevated themselves to divinity through their spiritual practice. Such accomplished humans could also speak from the sky. For example, Saptarishis and other Prajapatis had the right to speak in the sky.

Anyone could listen to Akashvani

This is also untrue. Just as only powerful gods or Siddhas could make the sound of the sky, it could also be heard only by great or capable humans. Common people could not listen to Akashvani.

Those who had the power of oracle could make oracles at any time

This is also untrue. Akashvani could be made only after proper consultation. No person or god could speak from the sky just on his own will. It is written in some texts that Akashvani could be made only after the approval of Brahmadev.

Only men can do Akashvani, not women

This is also not true. Ladies and women too, if they were capable of speaking to the sky, could speak to the sky.

Akashvani was used to confuse the wicked

This is also not true. One thing is certain whatever was said or informed by Akashvani was the truth and only the truth whether it was said for a virtuous soul or a sinful soul. To date, there has not been a single example where Akashvani said something else and in reality, something else happened. This is why Akashvani is considered so important and it is believed literally.

Any information could have been conveyed by Aakashvani

This is also untrue. Akashvani was made only when there was no other way left. Also, only and only extremely important information was given by Aakashvani.

Akashvani can be made only in Satyayuga, Tretayuga, and Dwaparayuga, not in Kaliyuga

It is not so either. Predictions can be made even in Kaliyuga. It is believed that when the time comes for the incarnation of Lord Kalki, the evil humans will be informed about his arrival through Akashvani.

Why can’t we hear it?

Some people may also have this question if there can be aerial voice even in Kaliyuga then why can’t we hear it? Its answer is the same as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Aakashvani is not just divine speech. Many times our conscience and sixth sense also alert us, which is considered a form of oracle. Apart from this, Akashvani is not for everyone, those for whom it is available realize it.

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