What is the secret of Kamakhya Devi Temple?


Even today, thousands of such temples are present in the land of India, where miracles happen, which help in strengthening the faith and faith of the devotees even more. You too must have read or heard about many miracles, but have you ever heard that a goddess idol in a temple is menstruating? If not, then let us tell you today about one such temple, where the evidence of the goddess being menstruating is found, this place is Kamakhya Devi Temple, Guwahati.

Establishment of the temple

The Kamakhya Devi Temple, situated on the Nilanchal mountain in Assam, is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas of the Goddess and is considered the best for Tantric practices. Let’s know the story of this temple.

According to mythology, when Goddess Sati sacrificed her life in the Yagya, then Lord Shiva traveled all over the world carrying the burnt body of Mother Sati, due to which his anger kept on increasing. Then to handle the situation, Shri Hari started cutting the body parts of the mother with his Sudarshan Chakra, and 52 Shaktipeeths were established at the 52 places where the body parts of Goddess Sati fell on the earth.


Story behind existence

It is believed that the mother’s vagina fell on Nilanchal mountain, due to which Kamakhya Devi Shaktipeeth was established here. It is a belief that the mother’s vagina fell and was converted into a deity, which is still present in the temple and due to which even today that statue of the mother is menstruating.

Goddess’s pind do Rajaswala

Every year when Mata Rajaswala is there, the Ambuvachi fair is organized here. In those days the doors of the temple of Mata Bhagwati are automatically closed, this continues for three days. In those three days neither any auspicious work takes place in Guwahati nor any temple opens. After this, on the fourth day after bathing the idol of Kamakhya Devi, performing Vedic rituals, etc., the temple is reopened for public viewing. This temple is unique in itself. Such a miracle and such a worship method are not seen anywhere else in the whole world.

Unique prasad

Devotees get a very unique and miraculous prasad here during the Ambuvachi fair, which is a red-colored wet cloth. It is told that before the goddess’s Rajaswala, a dry white cloth is spread around the statue of Mata Kamakhya, but after three days when the doors are opened, then this cloth becomes red like blood due to the blood of the mother and because of this. Divya Prasadi cloth is called Ambuvachi cloth. It is a belief that by wearing this cloth and worshiping Shakti one can easily attain success.

Brahmaputra also turns red

Every year during this fair, the water of the Brahmaputra river flowing nearby also turns red, which reflects the Rajaswala of Kamakhya Devi, these days bathing in this river is also considered prohibited.

It is mandatory to visit Bhairav mandir

Umanand Bhairav’s temple is at some distance from Kamakhya temple. Umanand Bhairav is the Bhairav of this Shaktipeeth. This temple is situated on an island in the middle of the Brahmaputra river. It is a belief that without seeing her, the journey of Kamakhya Devi is considered incomplete.

This island is also known as Madhyanchal Parvat because it was here that Kamadeva hurt Shiva who was in samadhi by hitting him with an arrow and when he awoke in samadhi, Shiva destroyed him with his third eye. Kamdev was given life again on Nilanchal mountain, the great pilgrimage of Bhagwati, hence this area is also known as Kamrup.

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