What is the Save Soil Movement by Sadhguru?


Before going into Save Soil Movement, let us see how soil is very important to us and who Sadhguru is.

Why is soil very important?

Without soil, there will be no life on earth. As the soil is the cornerstone of our food chain and also the life that is present on earth. They act as water filtration, nutrient giving, and shelter for many organisms that help in making the ecosystem diverse. They also help in keeping us healthy by acting as antibiotics that keep us away from dise ases, giving in our body the necessary nutrients in the food that we eat, and in a self-sustaining cycle that can regenerate over the decades. Our soil is considered the second-largest carbon sink next to the ocean. They are important as they hold up three times of carbon than is present in the Earth’s atmosphere.


Soil is life teeming as many organisms are living beneath the soil and that is useful to the people in ways of healthy living on the planet. They are also important in hosting crucial services to both people and the planet. The food that we eat daily is from the soils, they help in purifying the water that we drink daily, and also in protecting us from floods and combat drought. They are also important as they are great in tackling the changes in climate as they capture and stores a large amount of carbon in them.

When we create new soil, they are taking longer time to recreate than the average human life. We must protect and conserve soil that is a living resource and very finite.
As we got a better idea of why soil is very important to us. Let us now see who Sadhguru is?

Who is Sadhguru?


Sadhguru’s real name is Jagadish Vasudev and also known as Jaggi. He was born on September 3, 1957, in Mysore, India. Sadhguru is a well-known yoga instructor or guru(master) and a good proponent of spirituality. He has a great passion for yoga and teaches various people who wish to learn yoga in the southern part of India from the year 1982.

Sadhguru founded the Isha Foundation which is located in Coimbatore and is an ashram and a yoga center. He also helps in carrying out educational activities here. Other than yoga and spirituality, he has written several books, and I am also a well-known speaker at the international forums. He has also received the Padma Vidhushan award for showing his contribution to social welfare. Padma Vidhushan is considered the second-highest civilian award, which he received during the year 2017.

What made Sadhguru bring this Save Soil Movement?

It was Sadhguru’s mission to make the people of the world know about the uses of soil and how to save them for better healthy life and good living and how important it is to us. So he decided to go on a solo journey from foreign. By then he decided to launch the movement ‘ Save Soil’ in London on March 21, 1998.
Sadhguru has mentioned that the first stop after leaving India would be the United States, where he will hold media interactions in raising awareness of this issue. Sadhguru has always been vocal about conserving nature and natural resources. As he had already decided to make this movement active earlier, he then decided to make a solo journey which goes for a hundred days where he decided to visit at least 27 countries by way of motorcycle. He also said that he will be engaged in meeting with the leaders worldwide and the media in spreading the awareness.

Sadhguru mission on Save Soil Movement

It is a global movement to bring the conscious approach to saving the soil and the planet together. One of its main objectives is to inform the governments across the world that the citizens want policies in revitalizing ecology and soil. Thousands of great leaders and others are joining this movement like the great scientists around the world, celebrities, policy experts, and heads of the state with the common goal to restore soil health and create a bond with mother earth.
This movement also has an aim to reach almost 60% of the world’s electorate.

This movement is being supported by many organizations and union bodies such as United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), The World Food Programme (WFP), The United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

How we can help in making this movement live?

As we know this movement is all about making awareness of saving the soil and getting more people involved in this, where they can help the planet and the environment. It was Sadhguru who said this movement will be his 100-day solo journey and all these days he will only talk about saving the soil and teach the people of the world the importance of saving them for both themselves and the planet.

For this talk, he had the goal to meet the world leaders to get the matter enshrined into the governmental policies where he has just to talk to them about a small topic of saving the soil. The thing that we have to do is to post a day on social media about the save the soil movement which is just enough on our part. It is our responsibility to make others aware of the importance of saving soil.

Based on this movement, he has also pointed out that this movement is an effort to bring the policy to almost 192 countries owning agricultural lands with a minimum of 3 to 7 percent of organic content present in the soil. It is our responsibility need for the future generation that is to come, in getting this awareness.

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