What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

As per Hindu culture, Tulsi Plant is considered to be a Sacred, Holy, and Auspicious Plant. One is likely to find a Tulsi plant at Every home and Temples. Tulsi is the Goddess Laxmi and Sun is regarded as Lord Vishnu and Hence Tulsi cannot live without the sun!

Skanda Purana says that every house with a Tulsi is a place of pilgrimage and no disease or the messenger of Yama (the messenger of death) enters the house.

Whereas, Padma Purana says when the Aroma of tulsi is carried by the wind it purifies the air.

A Story of its Emergence of Tulsi Pant:

What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

Did you know that Tulsi is one of the ingredients which emerged during the Samudra Manthan?

Yes, Tulsi is considered one of the ingredients that emerge out during Samudra Manthan and are very sacred to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu adorns the house having tulsi and such a house will not suffer from illness, poverty, and separation from the dear ones. This is the main reason why we offer Prayers to Tulsi.


Lets Now See The Importance of Tulsi Plant :-

  • Keeping a Tulsi Plant at home is to Honour not only to Goddess Lakshmi but to all gods. Tulsi Plant is also believed to have the power to keep away all the evil spirits, Hence the plant is Kept in Infront of the house outside so that will prevent the evil spirits from entering inside the house. Tulsi is also considered to improve the Vasthu of a house. Keeping a tulsi plant inside the house removes all the Vasthu faults at home.
  • Puranas says Tulsi is the essence of all devotional activities. Tulsi leaves are considered holy and are used in almost all the ceremonies and rituals as this is considered Auspicious.
  • Tulsi leaves form an important ingredient in the Teertha provided at the temples. Even eating tulsi leaves bring Good Luck when you set outside for some good work.
  • Tulsi leaves are also considered to have medicinal values and are mainly used in Ayurveda and are known to the Queen of Herbs.

Health Benefits of Consuming Tulsi Leaf:

What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

You would have looked at the above image, Well these are not the Only Benefits! If I mention all the benefits, the word limit of this article could exceed as well! Hehe. Yes, But I’ll mention few important points:

  • Eating Tulsi Leaves reduces Stress
  • Good for preventing and treating Arthritis, Thyroid, Cancer , Diabetes and bone health.
  • Used as Treatment of Eczema
  • Oral and Dental Health improvement
  • Acts as an Insect Repellent
  • Good for Skin & Hair
  • Helps in Curing Cold, Cough, fever other symptoms
  • Useful in Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Natural Immunity Booster

Types of Tulsi Plant And Its Medicinal Properties

Tulsi has Curative Property, there are many types of Tulsi few common types are as listed below:

a.  Rama Tulsi is a common tulsi plant type grown in-house. It is used for its religious, Spiritual, and Medicinal benefits.

What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

b. Marua/Marwa Tulsi also called Thai Basil. The leaves are slenderer and more pointed. This tulsi is considered to be beneficial to Cure Mouth Ulcers, gum-related Problems, and intestinal worms. Chewing few leaves is said to be beneficial to these.

Marua/Marwa Tulsi

c. Karpur Tulsi: As the name indicates this tulsi smells like Camphor (Karpur), It is Highly aromatic hence a mosquito repellent plant. It looks different from the other tulsi as we can see the ridges and feels like velvet when touched. This plant is beneficial for treating congestion due to common cough and cold. Inhaling the steam boiled with these leaves will be greatly beneficial.


d. Krishna Tulsi leaves clearly identified with Purple or dark green leaves and Purple Stem. Consequently, Commonly found and mostly used in ayurvedic medicines. It has rich medicinal values as compared to other tulsi.

e. Vana Tulsi which can grow as a big shrub is usually avoided to plant at home known for its fragrance like that of clove. Thus, It supports immune health and is infused with tulsi tea.

What is the Importance and Varieties of Tulsi Plant?

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