What is the distance between Vaikuntha to Goloka


What is the distance between Vaikuntha to Goloka?

There are 7 worlds together with the heaven above the Earth. Jyotish Chakra or Nakshatra is situated at the base of the planets. But Vaikuntha Lok is baseless, it is beyond and superior to the Universe.

Distance between Vaikuntha to Goloka

Beyond this Unique Vaikuntha Lok, at a distance of 50 crore yojanas i.e. 6,400,000,000 km, upwards, Goloka is situated.

Mention of Distance between Vaikuntha to Goloka

This point has been mentioned in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana in the Uttara Bag in Shri Krishna Janam Khand Chapter. Goloka is outside and above the universe, there is no other world above it, above it, everything is void.
Just like this, there is no creation below the 7 abyssal downwards. Below the abyss, there is water and darkness which is impassable and invisible.


Time difference between Prithvi and Goloka

The most wonderful thing about Golok is the time when there is a time in Golok for a moment, then there is a time of 7 Manvantaras in Prithvi Lok. That is, after the passage of one moment in Goloka, the time of 7 Manvantaras has elapsed in Prithvi Lok.

What is Manvantaras?

Let us tell you that Manvantar of Goloka would have been equal to 306,720,000 years of Earth. Similarly, there are 2,147,040,000 years in 7 Manvantaras. In these 7 Manvantaras, 7 Indras also pass away.

Area of ​​Goloka?

Golok Dham is circular and spread in 1 crore yojanas, it is with four walls of gems and it has four gates.

Living arrangement of Goloka

Here a group of Gopas is present in the form of gatekeepers. Here the tree is full of excellent and delicious fruits. There are thousands of groves with fragrant flowers here. The ashrams of Gopas, who are engaged in the service of Shri Krishna, are also made of gems.
The number of ashrams is 50 crore. Apart from this, there are 100 crore ashrams of the groups of those who are devotees of Shri Krishna. All this is made of exquisite gems.
Even more than these, there are ashram councilors made of unique and precious gems, whose number is 10 crores. Those who are prominent among the councilors also live in the same form as Shri Krishna.

Who lives in Goloka?

The person who is tolerant, gentle, kind, who lives under the command of the masters (Guru) and is free from ego, those noble human beings live in this world.
Goloka is pleasing to all being everyone has equal rights over everything in Goloka. There is no other world so vast and beautiful as Goloka.

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  1. is there any mention or proof of such goloka beyond even Vaikunta, in upanishads, sribhashyaM and other ancient scriptures


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