What is special about new Ramlala idol of Ayodhya ?


A wonderful and complete picture of Ram Lalla’s face of new idol of Shree Ram Mandir Ayodhya came out on Friday January 19. In it, the attractive image of Ramlala is visible. In this, Ramlala has a crown on his head and has a bow and arrows in his hands. The idol has been decorated with flower garlands and jewellery. The glimpse of faith and spirituality is clearly visible from this statue. Which attracts Ram devotees at the very first sight. The tilak applied on the forehead of Lord Ram shows the greatness of Sanatan Dharma. The idol has figures of Surya, Om, Ganesh, Chakra, conch, mace, Swastika and Hanumanji. Sculptor Arun Yogiraj has made this idol of Ramlala divine and grand.

How is the new idol ?

The idol of Ramlala present in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram temple has many qualities. The age of Shyam Shila is thousands of years, it is water resistant, the shine of the idol is not affected by sandalwood. The total height of the idol of Ramlala from toe to forehead is 51 inches. The weight of the idol is about 150 to 200 kg. A crown is adorned on the idol. Shri Ram’s arms are long till his knees. The head is beautiful and the eyes are big. The forehead is grand. The idol is in a standing posture on a lotus pond. Ramlala has a bow and arrow in his hands, the childlike tenderness of a 5 year old child will be reflected in the idol.


10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu will be seen in the idol

The inclusion of North and South India will be visible in the idol of Ramlala. It describes the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu – 1- Matsya, 2- Kurma, 3- Varaha, 4- Narasimha, 5- Vaman, 6- Parashuram, 7- Ram, 8- Krishna, 9- Buddha and the 10th Kalki incarnation. Besides, figures of all the 10 incarnations have also been made. The idol also has figures of Hanumanji and Guran. The width of the statue is 3 feet. Three teams of Acharyas have been formed for the Pran Pratistha programme. PM Modi will also be present in the sanctum sanctorum. Four days of the rituals for Pran Pratishtha, which started on January 16, have been completed. Child form of Ramlala can be seen in the idol. His complexion is Shyam.

The height of the statue is 51 inches

The height of the statue is 51 inches. Whereas with flowers the height of the idol will be 8 feet. The idol has been made from Krishna stone. Let us tell you that from January 19, the darshan of Ramlala in the temporary temple has also stopped. After the consecration on January 22, devotees will get darshan in the new temple from January 23.

Ramlala sat in the sanctum sanctorum

Let us tell you that when Ramlala was installed in the sanctum sanctorum on Thursday, the idol was covered with clothes. Then late in the night another picture came out, in which a blindfold was tied on the idol of Ramlala, this blindfold would be removed during the consecration on January 22.

The old idol will be kept in the new temple

Acharya Satyendra Das, chief priest of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, said that the idol of Ramlala, which is currently in the temporary temple, will also be kept at the same place in the new temple. He said that after the Friday evening puja, the old idol will be kept in the new temple. People will be able to worship both the idols only after the Pran Pratistha is completed. Satyendra Das said that both the idols should be in the sanctum sanctorum. If the old idol goes into the sanctum sanctorum along with the throne, then it will be kept next to the new idol, if there is no throne then the smaller idol will be kept in front.

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